Orks, Orks, Orks, Looking For A Good Time

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Orks, Orks, Orks, Looking For A Good Time

Post by Alighieri » Tue Sep 25, 2018 8:38 am

Maybe it was true. Maybe red ones really did go faster. Because this thing was his shadow.

No matter how hard he pushed his smooth elegant jetbike, no matter how fast he went, no matter how tight a turn he took, that ghastly, pile of wood, skin, bone, and rocks was somehow keeping up. How did anything with rocks in it fly – let alone keep up! Actually it was more then keeping up – it was stuck to him like glue. He was cut off from support, over enemy territory and.... a splinter of stone tore into his left leg.

That was another thing, however it was generating those blasts it was clearly not going to run out anytime soon because it had been pointlessly blazing away at him since it got behind him. It had got a glancing blow on the bike 5 times and him 3. Wincing make that 4. Nothing vital since he was not using that intestine right now anyway but sooner or later he was going to hit something important.

As he wrenched the bike into a spine breaking turn he caught something out of the corner of his eye - an opportunity. Just like before it stayed stuck to him, shadowing his every move. The next five manoeuvres helped him escape not a bit, if anything his shadow edged nearer, followed his every move even closer. More blasts came close enough that debris impacted on the bike and Marine until they started leaving behind a cloud of blood and smoke behind themselves.

He turned the bike tight around the stone spire hugging tight to both the ground and the wall. The showers of rocks and sparks grew ever more intense. Even that did not shake his pursuer, hell it was even closer behind him, so very very close.

At that point Daredevil Renee Troisville flew straight into the coven of orks and there flickering energies he'd noticed sheltering next to the pillar six manoeuvres back. Just like he'd planned. He was killed instantly and his smallish jet bike only killed a few of them. His pursuer however was caught totally by surprise and discovered that it had been far to close to pull out. That second impact was enough to cause the Orks to lose control of there freakish energies, causing the warp to rip them apart.

That night the daredevils lifted their glasses to Renee.

"To Renee. A Daredevil to the end. When your best is not good enough, make sure you take the bastards with you!"

The Harbringers watched, and nodded to themselves, they really did understand.

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