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War, Crystals, Resources 2, Xenos 95/140%

The geology of Raynbow has produced a planet of breath taking beauty- natural crystal structures refract the sunlight into a dazzling light display that brings joy to the heart of even the most embittered.

It however has no effect what so ever on the hordes of Orks that have infested this planet.

Despite their low level of technology however the local inhabitants are producing a surprisingly effective defence based around chosen champions in armour crafted from the indigenous crystals. These ‘crystal knights’ are provided with a highly effective form of defence against Orkish weaponry and appear to be able to channel devastating blast of light which are powered in a unknown manner. The crystal knights themselves claim their abilities are powered by ‘love’ although Imperial Scouts have been unable to independently confirm the existence of ‘love’.

Despite a tribal organisational structure the inhabitants of Raynbow have united behind a single high king in the face of the Orkish threat – sadly this high king has rejected all overtures to accept imperial rule and King Wart and his knights are expected to be at the forefront of any resistance.