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Traits are a core concept of this game. They can be positive or negative (Or sometimes both) and generally describe an exceptional asset of a game "object" (Eg: Primarch, Legion, Fleet, Planet). Their effects are twofold:

1. When acting in accordance to their Traits the Subject will gain bonuses or penalties. Generally the Bonuses will outweigh any penalties but this can obviously be countered by good play by the enemy. This bonus is not always fixed but will depend entirely on circumstances.

2. Some Traits allow additional options/actions or information from the GM. For example Psychic Primarchs will see more of the warp, Seers may have visions, Expert Apothecaries may glean better data from experimentation. If you think a trait you have would be useful then be sure to mention it!

There is also a subtype of trait known as Legion Assets. These operate in a similar way to traits but are themselves a discrete entity in the game universe (Such as a Ship, Man or Formation). Therefore they can be upgraded, evolve, be killed or otherwise neutralised and are only present in one location at a time. However their Benefits are usually consummately greater or broader in application.

If you have any questions about traits or their applications please discuss with the GM.

Legion Creation

The First Stage in the game is creating your Character! This is Largely your Primarch, who is your Avatar in the game and your primary character. You will also shape his Legion, your army in the game and one or more Special Characters who are lesser figures of note amidst your crusading Legion.

This is shaped through a few stages with some Input from your GM to make sure everything fits together conceptually and each Legion has enough character for the other players to bounce off of (Even if that character is that you are boring blank slates *Cough* Ultramarines *Cough* ;) ). This will in turn create two character sheets for you. The Public one which everyone can see and is common knowledge in game (Which you are encouraged to build upon) and a Second Complete character sheet which only Yourself and the GM will have copies of. Players may be able to find out details of this Sheet but you should never share it. Both sheets will no doubt evolve in play.

1. Primarch

Consider a concept for your Primarch, this is best suited to yourself but as a guideline it should cover the two following bases:

a) Single sentence Description. This is your archetype and helps me plot how things will fit together for your Primarch. Examples: Deathworld survivor ninja or Mortarion landing in Ultramar or Grand Conquering Politician are all good forms.

b) Virtue/Vice. Every Primarch should exemplify one positive characteristic of the Emperor to some extent. Loyalty, Siege craft, Speed, Subtlety, Hope, Magic or Endurance are all good examples. This should be a key value of your Primarch, something that drives him. You will choose this (Perhaps guided by the GM) and it can be anything, though I will steer people away from too much repetition. A Vice would also be helpful, Primarchs are Epic heroes which also means they have epic flaws or vices. The Classic 7 Deadly sins are perfect examples (Especially Hubris!) but im sure folks can imagine more!

At this stage you should also consider the Primarchs Relationship with the Emperor, as this will have huge bearing on events to come.

Primarch Creation

Next your Primarch must be built! You should already have an image in mind but dont be afraid to tweak things :D . You begin with 5pts to spend purely on your Primarch that may only be spent here (Though you will have more points later). Proceed!
Homeworld Relations (Choose One):
Slave (-3): Your Primarch was a slave of the Planets rulers, likely either experimented on or used in some fashion.
Monster (-2): For Whatever reason the populace at large hates or fears you.
Warrior (-1): Your Primarch was a warrior of mighty renown but nothing more.
Conquerer (0): In another Age his name would live forever, in this he is one of twenty
Rebel (1): Your Primarch Lead a successful rebellion on his homeworld
Liberator (2): The Chosen One, your Primarch lead the people to salvation.

Psychic Potential (Choose 1):
Minimal (-1): All Primarchs have an affinity for the Warp but yours is weak.
Average (0): You have Average or Psychic powers or a "Superpower"
High (2): A Notable Psychic Gift and knowledge of the Aether.
Titanic (4): A Legendary Gift, able to make worlds shake.

Combat Prowess (Choose 1):
Untrained (-4): While you Primarch is still naturally dangerous he has no martial training (Very very rare!)
Untested (-2): Your Primarch is a dire foe but has never faced a being of equal power.
Born Warrior (0): Your Primarch is a match for any foe.
Slayer (2): Countless mighty foes lay scattered in the dust behind you.
God of War (4): Your name is feared across the Imperium

Discovery (Choose One):
Immediate (5): Segmentum Solar, in the Opening Years of the Crusade
Early (4): In the First 50 years, None Recall the Legion Pre Primarch.
Mid (2): In the 50-100th years, the Legion is the Primarchs Fist.
Latter (0): In the 100th-150th years, The Legion is the Primarch's sword.
Late (-2): During the 150th-180th years, The Primarch has had influence.
Neophyte (-4): In the Last Decade, The Legion is largely unguided.

Gene-strength (Choose 1):
Mutation (-1/-3): Something has gone wrong with your Geneseed, but it brings with it a terrible strength... At -1 this problem is limited in scale or cosmetic, at -3 it will affect your whole Legion, sooner rather than later.
Unstable (-2): Your Seed is unusual and difficult, may include cosmetic or minor mutation effects (Big Teeth, Funny skin etc)
Stable (0): Your Geneseed is unexceptional.
Excellent (2): Geneseed is exceptionally easy to deal with, increasing Recruitment
Exemplary (4): Your Geneseed is notably perfect, increasing recruitment wildly.

Traits (Choose Any. All traits will have a background effect): Logistical Genius (2), Sorceror (2), Berserker (-1), Inspirational, (2) Diplomat (3), Artisan (1), Technologist (1), Assassin (1), Unstoppable (2), Alienated (-2), Nightmares (-2), Icon (1), Mutant (-2), Behemoth (2), Winged (2), Prophet (2 or -2), Guerilla (2), Exemplar (2), Builder (2), Writer (1), Teacher (1) Fathers Image (2), Butcher (-1).

Many, many other traits are possible, these are really just examples, discuss with GM if you feel there is something missing.

2. Homeworld Creation

The Planet your Primarch was discovered on during the Great Crusade and their (Usually) Adoptive Homeworld. First create an overview of the planet (Which can be very short!) and imagine the impact the Primarch has had on it. Is he a conqueror? Liberator? Monster? no world emerges unchanged from contact with a Primarch!

Then Select a number of Homeworld Traits from the following lists as per your Primarch you have 5pts to spend here. Given the Infinite possibilities of the Galaxy other traits/assets may be discussed with the GM:

Tech Level (Choose One): None (Special): The Primarch was the Only sentient life on this world. Despite being Genius fast learners this will have a serious impact upon your Primarch and Legion and is not for the faint hearted!
Barbaric (-2): The Planet is at the Iron Age or Earlier, typical of many death worlds, or post Apocalyptic societies. The inhabitants have little or no infrastructure but make excellent recruits for the Imperial Militaries.
Low (-2): The Planet is Pre Industrial but civilisation is the norm across its surface. Likely some Anachronistic Tech is present, a remnant from an earlier age. The Planet will integrate much more easily into the Imperium but lack some of the Edge of their savage predecessors.
Industrial (-1): The Planet has developed or retained an industrial level of technology and has a large population and little issue integrating with the Larger Imperium
Civilised (0): The planet has developed or retained a level of Technology on a par with the Imperium making Compliance trivial and attracting the Attentions of many Imperial institutions. The populace are well used to Imperial level technology and may even have retained short range warp travel.
Forge World (1 or 3): The planet is one of the fabled lost colonies of Mars, or a world very similar in aspect. It has tremendous Industrial Capacity and likely technologic wonders from the Dark Ages. The cost varies based on your Relationship with the Mechanicum. For 1 Point you do not cooperate, the full production and control of the planet is the Primarchs to control. For 3pts you have an excellent working relationship with the Mechanicum, while they will have a major share of the Planets industry the boons this relationship may offer are manifold but it is not without cost.
High Technology (2): Your Homeworld has retained much lost knowledge from the Dark Ages and is a wonder of the Imperium, it likely has extensive local trade networks already in place and much knowledge that may be of use to your Legion.
Mobile (3): Your "Homeworld" is nothing of the kind, instead it may be a legendary sized Starship or a fleet of Smaller vessels. Whilst the advantage of mobility is extensive you are likely lacking in Industry and Populace. This may also count as a Legion Asset (See Later).

Variable Assets (Choose any, Positive costs, Negative deducts. Note that some assets are not suitable for the more extreme planets. The Top Level of each will usually denote an extremely unusual planet or archeotech of some kind):
Large/Small Population (1/3/5): The Planets population is different than expected.
Resource Rich/Poor (1/2/4): The Planet is Richer or Poorer in natural resources
Industry Rich/Poor (1/2/5): The Planets Industrial might is Big/Small than expected

Planetary Traits: Xenos Contact (+1/-1): Peaceful or aggressive Contact with Aliens.
Archeotech (1/2/4): Technology of the ancients, 4pts Designates some STC Material.
Born Warriors (1): Some Planets just produce better fighters for various reasons.
Deathworld (1-5pts): Your Homeworld is a deathworld, unsuitable for many planet types it nonetheless produces superior Astartes recruits and is highly lethal to invade. Needs Description or exact circumstances. 4/5pts would indicate a malevolent Anima or force directing the planet which could be good but is mostly bad...
Painful Compliance (-2/+1): Your Planet and Likely Primarch fought against Compliance in some manner. This is fairly rare amongst dominant Primarchs. The Negative version the Imperium crushed the world, the Positive version your world impressed the Imperium who largely integrated it intact post-invasion.
Mutation (-2): Your Planet has a common minor mutation not considered extreme enough to purge but obvious enough to outsiders.
Fortified (2): Your Planet is a fortress, or at least the Vitals are!

Empire (X): Your Fief contains several notable planets rather than one homeworld, they are always civilised (Unless traits are spent) and cost 3pts if located in sector or 5pts if within the same segmentum. You may increase the Tech Level of these planets independently as a Trait for the usual cost. Any planet may buy Assets or Traits. You may not reduce the cost of these planets below 2/4.
Fealty (X): One or More planets owes your Primarch Direct Loyalty while not being under their Total control. These may be staging grounds, Recruitment planets or those bound by oaths. They will provide a Legion Hub but little more. They may not buy Traits or Assets (Without GM discussion) and cost 2pts for a local sector or 4pts for one in another Segmentum.

Oh and Dont forget names! The GM can name planets for you but they WILL be puns of some kind...

3. Legion Creation

You now create your loyal troops, cast in your image. This is a two stage process, you select one of the Crusading Legions currently without a Primarch (First come, first served!) and then you define how they have evolved under your Primarch's command.

Optionally you can create a Legion "Whole cloth" and not use one of the Crusading legions. This will begin as a Legion with no traits and an unexceptional prior record unless discussed with the GM.

There will be a number of Pre Primarch Legions available, which come with pre existing traits and issues from before their founding. These will however be minor in comparison to their later development.


IV Legion "Hellstormers"

The Hellstormers were first unleashed upon Luna and fought almost exclusively amongst the Satellites of Sol at first, rarely setting foot upon a planet. They are experts in boarding assaults and Naval Actions. Their unofficial name comes from their Signature tactic of "The Hellstorm" a brutal all out assault using Drop pods amidst an ongoing precision bombardment.

This Legion would gain a bonus to Void actions and Orbital assaults but suffer a mild penalty to Exploration assignments. The Hellstorm could be a Legion asset or just fluff.

XIIIth Legion

The "Lucky 13th" were nearly destroyed by a rogue AI virus that corrupted their Genebanks and attempted to spawn half human monstrosities with the materials. Their Gene Legacy has been irreparably damaged without their Primarch and they have thrown themselves into Exploration of the Galaxy to find him as a consequence, suffering heavy casualties in the process, indeed some say they are cursed to always suffer ill luck.

This Legion is a bit more extreme and subtle at the same time. They will be greatly reduced in initial numbers but at the same extremely loyal to their Primarch and Savior. They excel at Exploration missions and have a deep hatred of AI (Which could go either way) as well as unusually skilled Apothecaries. However, is the curse really a thing?

Obviously I wont be writing out the whole story but there should be more Legions than there are players giving plenty of choice, some will be largely blank slates, some will have a raft of issues, seen or unseen ;) Discuss thoughts with the GM in all instances, im happy to help!

All 20 OOC: The Grey Legions are on the Wiki to view.

4. Primarch's Lessons

The Longer your Primarch has commanded the Legion, the more Effect he has had on their Assets and Traits.
Immediate/Early: 2 Traits, 3 Assets, 1 Character, Long War
Mid: 2 Traits, 3 Assets, 1 Character, Major Change
Latter: 2 Traits, 2 Assets, 1 Character
Late: 1 Trait, 2 Assets, 1 Character
Neophyte: 1 Trait, 1 Asset, 1 Superior Character

Traits, Each Pick allows you to Choose a new Trait from the Legion list or Remove 2 previously gained Traits entirely.

Assault, Disciplined, Siege Warfare, Asymmetric Warfare, Void War, Fleet Warfare, Psychic Legion, Mechanical Adepts, Intelligence Specialists, Expert Explorers, Speed Kills, Battlezone Specialists (Desert/Frozen/Swamp/Jungle/Sea), Preferred Enemy (Specific Race), Underhanded, Fearless, Bloodsoaked, Armoured Engagements, Attrition Warfare, Engineers, Superb Specialists (Apothecaries/Librarians/Chaplains, Navigators), Fearsome, Air War, Logistics, Recruiters, Diplomats, Piracy, Duellists.

Each trait will give a bonus to a specific Sphere. It is possible to Double or even Triple up on Traits, making them more Effective. This list is not definitive, other choices are possible! More Traits can be gained in play but these are likely to be extensions of existing traits rather than new ones.

Assets: Each Pick allows you to Choose a Legion Asset. These are additional unique factors that Influence a force or Garrison. These are discussed in more detail below but they include Special Characters, Special Ships, Legion Formations or Archeotech. Note that all Legions come with at least 1 Character in addition.

Example Assets (This list is very vague, each asset should be unique!):

Super Battleship, Special Fleet, Special Characters, Special units (Death Company/Red Butchers etc), Unique Facilities or Buildings, Resources or Technology, Unusual Allies or Long term treaties (Eg Titan Legion/Navigators).

Major Change: Primarchs of the Mid or Early Period are able to "Smooth Over" Undesired traits their Legion gained before they were united. This can remove a number of Traits or Factors mechanically but traces will remain, this will not be a clean slate!

For example: The Lucky 13th Above, under a Major Change they could lose the Large Casualties, Seed Damage and Bad Luck while keeping the Others. However, they are unlikely to be truly gone and may return, this would also erode the Primarch as savior loyalty bonus though!

Long War: As an extension to Major Change, an Early Period Legion will have the Pre Primarch Issues long in its past and most of the Imperium will have forgotten them if desired. The Legion will also be respected and known across the stars (This is both good and bad btw).

For Example: As for Major Change traits are gone, but also forgotten except by the veterans of the Legion and other immortal types and unlikely to recur. Unless something traumatic happens...

Superior Character: Neophyte Primarchs have next to no chance to make serious changes to their Legion, however, the Previous Legion Master is a grizzled veteran and an able assistant to their new master.

Final Stage "Freebies"

Your Legion should now be nearly complete!

You then have 10 Free points to spend on either your homeworld, Primarch or Legion, most costs remain the same, Legion Traits and Assets both cost 2.

Finally you should design a Legion Logo and Colour Scheme. It is ok to describe the colours (But KISS if you dont DIY) but it would be massively helpful if you can find a small version of your logo to splash on maps and stuff, preferably not in black (But your Symbol could be!)