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Martis Oblitus Industrial Sector.jpg
Martis Oblitus Industrial Sector

Martius Oblitus, homeworld of The Falling Stars, Legion XVI. The planet as you find it now is in an age of technological and social glory. Prior to Ignatius Caelius' arrival the planet, still heavily technological, was run by Corporations. This led to all the wealth and power being drained into large industrial complexes the size of metropolitan cities. These corporations would do anything make more money, often resulting in conflict between each other. They were held accountable to no one, the Governments who were fractured themselves could not control them. This left the citizens of the planet, in the shadow of corporate giants, fending for their day to day lives.

Martis Oblitus Civilian Sector.jpg
Martis Oblitus Civilian Sector

After Ignatius' underground rebellion the planet now lives in the new age you see it in today. Its citizens live in general happiness, with wealth distributed according to merit and work. Giving people the opportunity to flourish on their own. To make their own path and lead happy, accepting and nourishing lives. The planet has become so successful that a nearby planet worked to set up trade routes with them. The planets very unique advances are topped by its skill with gravitational technology. This technology is used in much of its transportation, while also weaponized by some companies. These weapons are now heavily regulated by the World Government.

World Government.jpg
World Government Building

The World Government was created by Ignatius and his rebel compatriots. With unified support from the Corporate giants, after the demolition of multiple corporate stronghold around the world, the nationalised Governments came together to unify the planet. The World Government now holds control of many resources and has set in place strict laws to prevent Corporations growing bigger than the Government. All private military forces were confiscated and brought into public service, both Policing and Armed Forces, the leadership for this was given to Ignatius Caelius. Under advisement from Ignatius, the World Government is situated in many Government buildings around the world, helping with unification and preventing any attacks wiping all of them out in one. The buildings are seen as beacons of hope for the people around them.