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This page lists the Planets, Fleets and other items currently discovered in this Sectorii Majoris. Back to Galactic Map

Planets or Systems

Significant Imperial Systems or Planets

Planet Name Type Status Current Forces or Assets Notes
Messorem Astartes Homeworld (Mobile) Loyal Astartes Garrison Legion X: Leere Jäger

Compliant Imperial Worlds

Planet Name Type Brought to Compliance by Current Forces or Assets Notes
Lolken 178/1 Deathworld Class 1 (Forest) Legion X: Leere Jäger Imperial Army Garrison Extremely fierce Natives
Teutoburg 178/2 Industrial World Legion X: Leere Jäger Astartes Garrison Former Ork Junkworld "Badrok" Legion X: Leere Jäger fief
Jolen 701/1 Civilised World Legion XIX: The Exemplars Astartes Garrison Legion XIX: The Exemplars fief, Former Exodite World

Discovered Un-compliant Worlds

Planet Name Type Human/Xenos Diplomatic Status Discovered By Current Forces or Assets Notes
X303 Dead World Human Unknown Legion X: Leere Jäger Independent Human Expedition Ancient Ruins
X305 Dead World None None Legion X: Leere Jäger Possible Survivors Ship Graveyard
Kastorel Feudal World Human Hostile Legion X: Leere Jäger Archaic Households Former Knight World
Numen Civilised World Human Hostile Legion XIII Eldar Inspired Ships Humans wielding Eldar Technology
Enzor Paradise World Human/Xenos Unknown Legion XIII Scattered Hunters Colony abandoned to live in the woods
Knarlheim Feral World Human Hostile Legion XIII Techno Barbarians Much Archeotech
XEN934 Xenos World Furling Hostile Legion XIX: The Exemplars Furling Cloud cities Furlings recovering from war of annihilation


Expeditionary Fleets

Fleet Legion Strength Current Assets Notes
No information Available

Hostile Fleets

Fleet Designation Faction / Race Type Strength Current Assets Notes
Klobrobba Ork Waaagh 120 Ogryns Enraged by human raiding
Flapslappa Ork Waaagh 120 Unknown Was beating down da Furlings
Alaitoc Eldar Craftworld Unknown Avatar, Ranger Hosts Moved from the Core to Ambush Messorem