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This page lists the Planets, Fleets and other items currently discovered in this Sectorii Majoris. Back to Galactic Map

Planets or Systems

Significant Imperial Systems or Planets

Planet Name Type Status Current Forces or Assets Notes
Animus Perduta Astartes Homeworld Loyal Astartes Garrison Legion IX: White Tower

Compliant Imperial Worlds

Planet Name Type Brought to Compliance by Current Forces or Assets Notes
Arconar Civilised Legion X: Leere Jäger Army Garrison Compliant Pre Istvaan Conference
Basilisk Civilised Legion XIX: The Exemplars Army Garrison Compliant Pre Istvaan Conference
Scimitar IV 206/1 Dead Legion IX: White Tower Explorator Expedition Ancient Xenos Ruins
206/2 Dead Legion IX: White Tower Astartes Garrison Xenos Gates, Former Corsair Treasure Vault, Legion IX: White Tower fief
Golivant 206/3 Deathworld Class 2 (Toxic) Legion IX: White Tower Imperial Army Garrison Former Knight World

Discovered Un-compliant Worlds

Planet Name Type Human/Xenos Diplomatic Status Discovered by Current Forces or Assets Notes
Golan IV Feral Jungle World Human Belligerent Legion V: Light Bearers Primitive Tribes Former Mining Colony
Blingtron Archeotech Space Station Human Arrogant Legion XIII Extensive Dark age defences Mutant population, Trade hub
Ka'Lach War World Xenos v Orks Hostile Legion XIII Ka'Lach Xenos forces, Ork Waaaagh Ka'Lach Toad like xenos in exo suits
Photen High Tech Abhuman Open Legion XIII Photen Defence forces Hated by Mechanicum


Expeditionary Fleets

Fleet Legion Strength Current Assets Notes
No information Available

Hostile Fleets

Fleet Designation Faction / Race Strength Current Assets Notes
The Navarii Independent Human Approx 140% Dark Age ships, Xenotech Weapons Extensive Mutants, Nomadic Traders