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This page lists the Planets, Fleets and other items currently discovered in this Sectorii Majoris. Back to Galactic Map

Planets or Systems

Significant Imperial Systems or Planets

Planet Name Type Status Current Forces or Assets Notes
Dal Riada Astartes Homeworld Loyal Astartes Garrison, Heavily Fortified Legion XX: The Fianna Key World
Fenris Deathworld Loyal No Significant Military Force
Huaxia Astartes Home World Loyal Standard Astartes Garrison + PDF

Compliant Imperial Worlds

Planet Name Type Brought to Compliance by Current Forces or Assets Notes
501/1 Deathworld Class II (Desert) Legion XI Imperial Army Training Facilities Considerable Abhuman Minority/Natives
Jinhan Legion Fief Legion XI Astartes Garrison - PDF Fief of Legion XI
Draco 987/1 Deathworld Class III Legion XI None Extremely Hostile Fauna

Discovered Un-compliant Worlds

Planet Name Type Human/Xenos Diplomatic Status Current Forces or Assets Discovered by Notes
Coldis IV Paradise Human Unknown Unknown Legion XI Suspect AI systems


Expeditionary Fleets

Fleet Legion Strength Current Assets Notes
501st Expeditionary Fleet Legion XI 95%

Hostile Fleets

Fleet Designation Faction / Race Type Strength Current Assets Notes
No information Available