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This page lists the Planets, Fleets and other items currently discovered in this Sectorii Majoris. Back to Galactic Map

Planets or Systems

Significant Imperial Systems or Planets

Planet Name Type Status Current Forces or Assets Notes
No information Available

Compliant Imperial Worlds

Planet Name Type Brought to Compliance by Current Forces or Assets Notes
Port Nova Hitech World Legion XV: Emerald Seraphim Astartes Garrison Naval Hub Legion II: The Nephilim fief

Discovered Un-compliant Worlds

Planet Name Type Human/Xenos Diplomatic Status Current Forces or Assets Notes
Darabirsk Improvised Fortress/Hives Human Hostile Large Militia Mobilised
Heligrad AI Production Hub Human Hostile Large AI forces
Ilovginglu Warp Storm Isolated Human Unknown Hellstorm?
Olyanovsk Crossroads/Trade hub Human Hostile Additional Space Assets
"Rubicon" Suspected Test Facility Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sakha Southern Jewel Human Hostile Unknown
Skarvia System The Rotten Heart Human Hostile The Final Battle System Information
Tmsk Retirement Planet Human Hostile Expert Leadership, Veteran Troops
Vorkosigan Second Son Human Hostile Unknown


Expeditionary Fleets

Fleet Legion Strength Current Assets Notes
No information Available

Hostile Fleets

Fleet Designation Faction / Race Type Strength Current Assets Notes
No information Available

Navigational Hazards

Name Type Notes
Warp Anomaly #001 Warp Storm Recent Phenomena, Extremely Hazardous/Lethal
Sakha Nebula Nebula Extremely large nebula, Blind jumps difficult, Realspace combat issues
Rorke's Drift Warp Anomaly Extreme Warp "Blankness", Conventional Warp Travel 0.00235% effectiveness