Legion XVIII: The Legion of the Broken Sky

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Broken Sky spacemarine.jpg
Numeration XVIII
Primogenitor Dis
Cognomen Luna Born
Observed Strategic Tendencies Ground offence, situational battlefield engineering and construction
Noteworthy Domains Burya
Allegiance Fedelitas Constantus
Colours Dark blue and storm grey
“It’s not to scale; the real thing won’t fall down. At least...it shouldn’t...” – Tech-Marine Salina

The Legion of the Broken Sky stand in fair stead with the Imperium; their pre-primarch days saw them as liberators of Luna while their post-primarch days see that they work tirelessly to improve and safeguard the worlds of the Imperium, not just to triumph over them. They hold in their hands the dichotomy of a soldier; on the one hand they are strong and willing to fight to safeguard, but on the other they hold compassion and dedication to their duties. They stand as empire builders, not just conquerors.


The Age of the Void

Luna Born.jpg
XVII Legion Heraldry

Before the Legion of the Broken Sky found their Primarch and entered in to an, arguably, new age the legion existed as the Luna Born. The Luna born were a simple fighting force that worked best as the Imperium’s version of foot-soldiers. One advantage that the Luna Born enjoyed over the other legions was the ease of implantation of the gene-seed. Though originating from Arctic and Antarctic stock, Men from all over the Imperium were able to be implanted. When, due to a clerical error, a woman was successfully implanted with the gene-seed the Luna Born enjoyed a unique opportunity; the Luna born was the only legion to be able to cross gender boundaries with their genes. This, combined with the ease of implantation, allowed the Luna born to swell in numbers to an exponential degree.

After the war with Luna, and garnering their name of the Luna-Born they were sent as a ground force to help pacify other moons and land rich environments. The Luna-born acted as conquers and martial forces as the Emperor spread his grasp across the former colonies of man, often working with the other legions as extra troops or as the tactical ground force for other legions who specialize in other areas.

The Legion was not vicious, but without any other direction to go in the Luna Born was simply a collection of martial conquers that took what they want along the way to finding their Primarch. Often they were not allowed to keep what they took, but so long as it improved the Imperium somewhere then that's fine.

The age of Thunder

Broken Sky spacemarine.jpg
Legion of the Broken Sky Heraldry

Upon discovering Dis upon the storm-world Burya, the Legion was thrown in to disarray. It had been assumed that the legendary Dis was a man of great martial stature and glory, and a proud and noble warrior at that who would have approved of the conquering spirit. When it turned out to be neither, the Luna Born almost felt ashamed of their heritage. To make matters worse Dis was not in favour of their martial occupation and, instead, reorganised the Legion in to a much broader companies to act as ground forces (Militant and Domestic), engineers (both siege and domestic). Several notable captains of the Legion questioned the Primarch, even going so far as to question if they were a child of the Emperor at all and not some warp-manifestation but the Emperor, though terse at the idea of “wasted effort”, assured them that Dis had their reasons.

But it was made clear why Dis had reorganised them in to the Legion of the Broken Sky when they confronted the Primarch; the legion had nothing to its name. The Luna Born did nothing, built nothing, had nothing, and at the end of the day meant nothing. They rested upon the laurels of battle and victory went to war like some form of mercenary force and came back with nothing to show for it except several dead Marines, Soldiers and destroyed ships and another story. For Dis, who had spent their life aiding and uplifting others, this was a hollow and shallow existence.

The Engineers were equipped with the Mechanicum’s Mechadendrites that turned them in to walking tool-boxes and inspired by Dis’ creative flare to create new technologies. Dis had made it clear, however, that they were a fighting force so martial technologies were just as practical as domestic ones but they were now there to lend stability to the Imperium, not just victories. Dis also was equipped with these Mechadendrites, and as such spent just as much time with the Engineers as with the soldiers.

Moral actually increased; the Legion now felt that they had a purpose and often, in battles with other legions, they came up with creative and structural solutions to problems that the other marines could not fathom with their “smash now” stratagem. Many higher ranks refer to this new inspiration as “the spark of Dis”, and feel shame not for their primarch but for doubting them in giving the Legion of the Broken Sky a place in the Imperium of man.

Legion Organisation

The Legion is split between two forces; Militant and Engineer. The Militant side of things are split again in to companies, which can be deployed with great ease and, with the aid of the engineers, in to areas which often cannot be reached by conventional means. There is one force, however, which are often signified by a white helmet, that act as a peace-keeping force for worlds that do not yet have the infrastructure to defend itself. This company is often rotated so that they do not become frustrated with the lack of action and it is often a “restful” duty for those who have been injured. These peace-keepers are often supplemented with the human populace of whatever planet they are on so that they know what they must do when the Marines leave for the next planet.

The Engineers are also split in to various companies; which are deployed along side their militant brothers and sisters, and stand in even numbers. There is, as with the militants, a force that is designated as “domestic” which aids in the construction of infrastructure on recently conquered planets and creates defenses. As with the militant force, this “Domestic Construction” company are often rotated to prevent frustration at the lack of combat. The Legion’s ability to cross gender boundaries allows them to field a good number of troops, but men and women are mixed indiscriminately amongst both the militants and the Engineers.

Unique Formations

Perun Squad

Perun Squads came in to being shortly after the discovery of the Primarch and the reformation in to the Legion of the Broken Sky. Using the potent energy manipulation technology that was developed by Dis during their time on the world of Burya, they are able to channel the “skyfire” in to a potent and deadly weapon. The members of Perun Squads are often noted by the large power-plants on their back being augmented with a casing akin to the devastators; however the pack itself is mostly made up of a lightning generator. In their hands they have a “Sky-fire Lance” which allows them to direct the lightning in a straight of electrical power that can melt hardened armour or a “spray” to catch anything fast moving that is closer to them. Both direct and Arc fire can do an amazing amount of damage in the right hands but the units are slower due to the weight of the generators and their supplemental armament is just bolt pistol.

Rodina Squad

Rodina Squads were created shortly after the discovery of the Primarch and the reformatyion in to the Legion of the Broken Sky. During a siege against an overwhelming force on a mining world, Dis needed to pull their forces from the front line and in to a safer location so they could re-arm and attack from a new location, however the enemy was faster on their feet and would run the small collection of marines and their fledgling Primarch down. To buy some more time, Dis took hold of a collection of mining equipment and retro-engineered them to create the Seismic Desolator. Slamming the weapon in to the ground, it tore up the ground around the apparatus and prevented the Marines from being overrun until they could re-arm and charge. Now Rodina squads are armed with smaller and more compact versions of the Seismic Desolators to shape the battlefield to Dis’ whims and hamper force and troop movement that doesn’t belong to Dis. Seismic Desoltors look like large and bulky shoulder mounted energy weapons, until they are deployed in to the ground. Rodina squad is useless on space-ships and stations.

Domestic Company

Domestic Company are noted for their White helms and are often either doing “their tour” or are injured and recovering Veterans. They are less of a unique squad but their force is often kept “on world” to create, fortify and to aid the populace to create a stronger world for the Empire of Man so the world is more readily availed to aid the Emperor’s children in their time of need.

Combat Doctrine

The Legion of the Broken Sky are far more adept at working around problems with creative and mechanical solutions rather than blunt force trauma assaults. Though the Legion of the Broken Sky enjoys high numbers of marines due to the Gene-seed, the induction of Dis in to their leadership of the chapter means they are more creative and will work on siege engineering and creation rather than just "Slamming our head in to a wall to hope the wall breaks first". There is a wall that needs taking down? The engineers will create a drilling machine that will undermine their defenses and allow their larger military force to pour through the forlorn hope. Sappers, combat towers, quick modification, war-walls...whatever is needed to hold, attack or simply to improve the forces, the Legion will construct and back up with numbers.

Their doctrine, however, says nothing what-so-ever about air-combat apart from the use of lighting based Anti-Aircraft cannons...

Legion Homeworld

Main Article: Burya

Burya is the planet of the Eternal Storm. Lightning strikes across the skies at all times, and thunder rumbles near constantly across the landscape. Wind and rain wash the land and add to the sea. The populace lives on tall land-masses that consists of plateaus of grass-lands, moors, marsh-land, mountain ranges and towns. The towns themselves are made up of strong, stone, buildings that sit squat and low to the ground. The sea itself is deep, but it does not cover the whole planet. Its people are hardy but few and its skies are deadly and all-encasing.


Main Article: Dis

Though having had a rocky start with their Legion, especially given the reveal of the nature of the Primarch, Dis now commands loyalty through example. Moral was low in the legion as they had no direction and nothing that was of their own, but Dis gave them purpose, direction and an identity.

Some of the old Guard still find Dis' ideas of "Domestic Improvement" to be a spit in the face of everything it means to be a Marine, but they have fought along side the Primarch and seen what victories come from intellect and creativity backed with a strong ground force. They will not argue.

Culture and Beliefs

Much of the culture of the Broken Sky comes either from their Arctic routes or from those brought forward from Burya, but regardless here is a certain level of practicality to their people. They are careful and cautious because in the frozen wastes or the storm, if you're not then you might as well jump off a cliff instead of trying whatever it is you're doing. There is also a certain practical problem solving that comes from living in harsh environments and, mainly due to their Primarch, creative flare amongst the Legion. Stories, songs and painting seems to have blossomed in the legion and many Marines have a tenancy to augment their armour with cloaks and capes of ornate materials with the patterns of their home. This not only gives them a sense of ownership and pride (meaning they look after their armour more) but also acts as a practical shield against the elements and can be removed to carry or aid others.

Those Marines who came from an Arctic background also seem to prefer to have fur-lined hoods and robes while those from a Burya home have cloaks and hoods of a waxy nature to fight against the rain.

While the snow-born Luna Born faction had a few folk beliefs that were translated in to simple superstition (so that they could exist in the Secular Imperium), the Burya born warriors tend not to have any belief in gods or other beings; "Shouting at the storm" as they called it, was a pointless and tiring exercise. You could ask for the storm to be kind but all it would get you was drenched and raw as the storm pummelled the skin. The Snow-born Marines however have a Sharman instead of a Chapter master, and acts also as an apothecary. This comes from the days of the snow-bound inuit tribes who were lead by the sharmans who acted as mediators, healers and chiefs. The same rank in the Burya born would be a Storm-Watcher, who would keep watch for the most dire of storm fronts in the unending rain and direct their people to safety.

So that the two are not seen as seperate, however, Dis has mixed the "Snow-born" and the "Storm-born" together so culture and understanding can spread across lines.


The Geneseed of the Legion of the Broken Sky is exemplary to the point of abnormality. It has a very high success rate of implantation regardless of your point of origin. The Geneseed also has the unique trait of being able to cross gender boundaries so that both men and women can take the Geneseed to become space marines. Women are estimated to make up at least 2/5ths of the fighting force of the Legion of the Broken Sky.

It is sometimes joked that they could take a man, a woman, a child, a dog and a Xenos and they would still have a near 100% implantation rate of the gene-seed...even then it would only be 50/50 on the dog.

It is not known why the Geneseed was tailored to be so accepting. Some question it as if it was some sort of mutation, while others just consider it to be a strong gene and a blessing. Some consider it to be the genetic differences in Dis, while others just think it's purely dumb luck.

Exemplary Battles

Battle One

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Story of Battle

Battle Two

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Story of Battle

Notable Members

Dis - Primarch of the XVIIIth Legion, Tamer of the Sky Fire, Uplifter of the Storm World
High Command
Chief Engineer Nuak Snow-born Tech-marine
Void-Master Aratuk Snow-born War Master
Domestic Master Natasha Karush Storm-born Garrison General
Tech-Marine Salina Storm-born Tech-marine