Legion XVII: The Silent Sons

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Silent Sons Tactical Marine.jpeg
Numeration XVII
Primogenitor Somniator
Cognomen Scrutatores
Observed Strategic Tendencies Pre-Battle Infiltration

Terror Tactics

Noteworthy Domains The Silent Fleet
Allegiance Fedelitas Constantus
Colours Deep Blue with Black Trim
“Some ghosts are so quiet you would hardly know they were there"

The Silent Sons are a Legion of Astartes with a high percentage of Psykers, famed for their inability to speak. Whether this is a vow of silence or some gene-seed defect, no one outside the legion knows. However there are known to be many defects in the old and crumbling vessels of the Silent Fleet which it has been hinted at may be the cause.


The Great Voyage

The Early years of the Silent Sons history is somewhat shrouded in mystery. Whilst other Legions were engaged in the pacification of Luna or running down the last of the Jovian pirate fleets, Legio XVII was sequestered with the tech-priest of Mars, helping to prepare the first of the great extra-solar Expeditionary fleets.

Even as battles still raged in the inner solar system, the First Expeditionary fleet set off from the great Martian shipyards to bring reunification and the light of the Emperor to the Galaxy. They passed beyond the outer reaches and entered the still somewhat turbulent warp, with many of the finest warships and a whole house of Navigators, House Brabazon. At their departure the Emperor is said to have comment that 1st fleet would be his spearhead into the Galaxy, and the name stuck.

For nearly 50 years there was no contact with the fleet, only the occasional story or rumour was heard of them, and most Imperial Scholars assumed they had been lost to the Empyrium. However they would rejoin the Imperium during the battle of T'ros and save the besieged Imperial Army of that cursed moon.

The Voyage Home
After the first expeditionary fleet left the Solar System, it was caught in a Warp eddy and flung far across the Galaxy, eventually breaking back into real space in a Human system under attack from an unknown robotic menace.

The Robots had been built as slaves for the people, but had lead a rebellion from within that had left the vast majority of the system's military shattered in a surprise attack. The Silent sons gathered whatever vessels they could find under their protection and retreated for safer space.

Over the course of many years the Silent fleet was constantly on the run from the robot fleet, losing both Military and civilian vessels from the constant pursuit.

Legend says they were only able to final shake the robots with the rediscovery of Somniator, although exactly how he achieved this is not recorded.

The Great Crusade

After their return to the imperial fold, The silent Sons spent a few years updating and repairing their battle gear, before immediately re-embarking on the Great Crusade. Despite being a little slow by many standards. Their initial deployment has left them far from the center of the Imperium and are usually to found on the outer edges of the sphere of expansion.

Legion Organisation

The Silent sons are organized into the traditional Chapter-Company-Squad formations of the original Grey Legions, at least on paper. However in practice the Silent Sons tend to reorganize themselves into what ever formation is most suitable for the current engagement based on some design know only to themselves. Also pre-mission, many Legionaries will normally be sent on recon and infiltration missions, so the actual strength of any given deployment is very hard to gauge.

The other main quirk of their Legion structure, is that all their officers, from Sergeants upwards, are without exception Phsykers. The strength of their physic ability also seems to grow the further up the rank system the marine progresses. Quite whether they are promoted because of their physic ability, or their strength improves because of the rise in rank, no one seems to know

Unique Formations


Although the Silent Sons have no unique formations as such, their command structure is slightly unusual. Due to their gene-seed there is an above average number of pskers in the legion. The officer corps from Sergeant upwards are all pskers, with the power level rising with reflect to the rank, with the Legion Speaker being one of the most powerful human psykers in the Galaxy.

Combat Doctrine

The Silent Sons believe in winning battles with the minimum of collateral damage, both to themselves and any assets of value they have identified. They are careful planners and will spend much time observing and infiltrating the target, before leading a campaign of assassination, sabotage and terror attacks from within, whilst using more conventional battlefield tactics, to isolate and pin down less susceptible targets.

All of their campaigns are prosecuted with a very high level of physic attacks, generally leaving their opponents jumping at shadows and attacking things that simply don't exist.

Due to their slow burn tactics, their campaigns often take far longer than those of other Legions, with correspondingly fewer casualties. This has often been the cause of criticism by their fellow marines and the Administratum.

Silent Sons symbol.png
The Legion Symbol was adopted from the insignia of the defence forces that the Legion encountered and protected after their first great jump out of the Solar System

Legion Homeworld

Main Article The Silent Fleet

The Silent fleet is a vast collection of Warships, transports, industrial vessels and terraforming craft to name but a few. Technically designated the 1st Expeditionary Fleet, it spent nearly 50 years outside of Imperial space, during which time it gathered all kinds of migrating, fleeing or otherwise displaced humans and their vessels.

These days the fleet acts as both home-world and fleet-base for the Silent Sons, whilst still actively expanding the borders of the Imperium and discharging its duties as an expeditionary fleet.


Main Article: Somniator

Somniator's relationship with his Legion appears to be that of a father figure or older brother, rather than a tyrant or a warleader. Given much to meditation and research into mystical arts, he will often allow the legion its own head, and only interfere if he believes there is a better objective or safer way of approaching the problem. He is however unusually protective of his marines and will never allow them to get stuck fighting costly or attritional battles.

It is not know when or how readily Somniator was assimilated back into his legion, but by the time the Silent fleet repapered he was already in charge and recognised for what he was.

Culture and Beliefs

The Silent Sons are a fairly insular Legion, working with others only when necessary. As a group they are great believers in uncovering lost knowledge, either technical, cultural or historical. They have a great distrust of Mechanical Intelligence and as such will seek out and destroy anything the Mechanicum considers heretical.

Due to their beliefs, they also espouse the Imperial truth to every planet they encounter, however because of their desire for knowledge, they have been known to preserve temples and religious works for research purposes.


Although the Geneseed of the Silent Sons is reasonably stable, it does show a few abnormalities from the more standard legions.

The main, and perhaps most important difference, is the high level of psychic ability the gene-seed imposes on it recipients.

Also, as the name of the Legion implies, as the progression of become a Marine continues, the individual slowly losses the ability to speak. However the Legion claims this is not a side effect of the Geneseed.

Exemplary Battles

Battle One

Main Article: Battle of T'ros

Story of Battle

Notable Members

Somniator Lord of the Silent Seventeenth
High Command
Tilius Vespar Legion Speaker