Legion XVI: The Falling Stars

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Solar eclipse.jpg
Numeration XVI
Primogenitor Ignatius Caelius
Cognomen Tunnel Rats
Observed Strategic Tendencies Zone Mortalis, Fleet Warfare, Orbital Bombardment
Noteworthy Domains Martis Oblitus
Allegiance Fedelitas Constantus
Colours Olive Green with Black trim
"Crises, precipitate change..."
-Attributed to Ignatius Caelius

Even after finding their Primarch, The Falling Stars have still held onto their old ways. Previously known as the Tunnel Rats, they use their extensive experience combined with their Primarchs’ leadership to great effect. Traveling through space in large specialised fleets, utilising orbital bombardment weapons and affinity to fleet boarding tactics. Sighting a Falling Stars’ fleet, both from space or a planets’ surface, is an unnerving sight indeed. Even more so if you know what may follow, balls of fire falling from the sky or the sound of Tunnel Rats storming corridors. They seek to expand the rule of the Emperor, enabling its citizens to define and build their future within the law of the Empire.

FS Squad Leader.jpg
Falling Stars Squad Leader


From the Void

Recruited largely from the Deep Asiatic Crevice cities of Terra, the XVIth are masters of the Zone Mortalis, many posses uncanny navigation instincts and superior grasp of 3D battles thanks to their origins in the deeps and this has also translated well into void warfare. They were the Terror of the Asteroid belt during the Sol Compliances and have carried this methodology with them on Crusade. Their name began as a derogatory remark from Primarch Bascna ap Riada but they have since come to own it as a badge of honour. They have been supported in recent campaigns by the recovering XV Legion, building a solid Rapport. As reward for their sterling support of the ongoing crusade the XVIth have recently been honoured by an additional fleet mandate gifted directly by the Emperor himself.


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Legion Organisation

The Falling Stars Legion is organised into three main divisions. Infantry division, made up of Marines from different close quarter specialities. Ordnance division, comprised of Sappers, Artillerymen, and Observers. Finally the Fleet division, specialising in 3D engagements, and high risk transport for boarding units.

Unique Formations

FS Melee Marine.jpg
Falling Stars Dire Rat

Rain Makers

Hardened Marines used to concentrate orbital fire. Luring enemies to confront them on the battlefield. Using orbital artillery support to strike down high threat targets and keeping the front of the enemy force at bay. The Rain Makers stand fast until the very last moment, once the enemy is close and compact enough, the call is made. The Squad leader is privileged with a staff of some resemblance to Ignatius' Crozius Arcanum. From the orb atop this staff a black sphere of energy protects the unit from the fire that rains down from the heavens.

Dire Rats

Veteran Marines of the Tunnel Rat days. Though the entire legion excels in Zone Mortalis tactics, these Marines hone their skills to perfection. Any mission involving close quarter combat within complex and confined structure, the Dire Rats are sent in. Filtering through corridors, holes and passages with a superior sense of purpose and direction. Out flanking and ambushing enemies with scary precision. These veterans have no problem with retreating to gain superior ground or to be able to lure enemies into traps, both kill zones or ordnance based.

Mole Rats

Adept Marines in the fields of underground navigation and tunneling. Making use of Tunneling vehicles to make quick work at boring under enemy lines and structures. A few of these squads have even tested to varying successful orbital insertions, combining the Tunnel Rats old ways with the new space tactics. Having an orbital bombardment ship pound a hole into the ground before launching a tunneling vehicle into the ground, with the idea to provide cover for the unit.

Scouts and Sappers

Small units of Marines, often their first tasking out of the formal Legion. Used to spot points of interest for destruction, also places of interest to protect. Navigating through tunnel systems both pre-existing or created for purpose. Laying ordnance charges to take down structures or to prepare for a Legion incursion into the zone.

Combat Doctrine

FS Bolter Marine.jpg
Falling Stars Marine

Orbital Bombardment

Providing a curtain of fire in front of any ground units. The Falling Stars Marines are used to explosions and are rarely subjected to shock, holding fast as the shelling moves closer.

Zone Mortalis

From their days referred to as the Tunnel Rats, the Legion is adept at fighting in confined complex spaces. Utilising their surroundings to gain the upper hand. Falling back to lure enemies into kill zones or traps. It is often thought that they know their way around enemies vessels better than its actual occupants.

Fleet Warfare

With vast experience in the field of 3D combat, engaging The Falling Stars in fleet warfare is a daunting concept. Combined with heavy firepower from its fleets means that light combat ships can navigate through large bombardments towards enemy ships.

Logistical Deployment

Upon entering a new location, a Logistical HQ will be deployed and constructed in open space. A centre of operations so that all communication can be centralised, allowing strikes to be initiated in one clean action.

Legion Homeworld

Main Article Martis Oblitus

Martis Oblitus, the homeworld of the XVI Legion: The Falling Stars. This planet has flourished alone in space, appear that with leftover technology from the Golden Age they have become a technological hub. With towering buildings and metropolitan networks connecting the entire planet, travel is three dimensional with many layers of flying traffic as well as underground public transport. Industrial locations on this planet are gargantuan, encompassing vast areas of land and sky.


Main Article: Ignatius Caelius

Ignatius' background has brought him into high standing amongst his Legion. While they are largely set in their way, they seem to combine their skills well with their new Primarchs' leadership. His rebel background and diplomatic skills combined with his ability as a tactical master of war has led the Legions confidence in following his orders.

Culture and Beliefs

Order amongst the Galaxy, this is something that needs to be pushed for, to strive for a golden age of peace and prosperity from the ashes of war. The Legions are the surgical tools to cut away the cancers from the Galaxy, before they can infect more. The Civilians of the Galaxy are its life blood, though easily swayed, lost or saved. All that we do, is for them.


The Primarchs' Geneseed is stable, showing no particular anomalies or mutations.

Exemplary Battles


Main Article: TBC

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Notable Members

Ignatius Caelius - Primarch of The Falling Stars Legion
Legion Command
Deng Xiao - Praetorate of the Legion
Alberto Granada - Commander of the Honour Guards, Ignatius' brother in arms.
Chapter Command
Robert Rostaelus - Lord Commander - Chapter I


Fleet Designation Cognomen Primary Legion Commander Known Assets:
16th The Sierra Maestra Legion XVI: The Falling Stars Deng Xiao None
26th The Julius Movement Legion XVI: The Falling Stars Ignatius Caelius Planetary Bombardment
59th Hasta Siempre Legion XVI: The Falling Stars Alberto Granada None
267th Rocinante Legion XVI: The Falling Stars Robert Rostaelus None