Legion XV: Emerald Seraphim

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Emerald Seraphim Tactical.png
Numeration XV
Primogenitor Yezal
Cognomen Old Legion Names
Observed Strategic Tendencies Emerald Seraphim
Noteworthy Domains Malebolge IV
Allegiance Fedelitas Constantus
Colours Turquoise and Gray
“And Yezal walked with Metatron: and he was not; for Metatron took him."
- Jahwist

Following the teachings of Yezal the legion tries to conquer their inner beasts while also striving to be the most noble of the legions.


Pre Primarch

Held back from the First Crusade waves amidst rumours of widespread genetic instability and bizarre phenomena the XVth have nonetheless racked up and impressive tally of victories since, working in close concert with the XVIth legion whilst their numbers recovered rumours swirl around as to how exactly this has been achieved. Their Legion Master is an outspoken advocate of the Librarius system proposed by some amongst the Primarchs.

Xenos Purge

Emerald Seraphim Logo.jpg
Legion Symbol

Yezal immediately took his legion and with great prejudice eradicated all xenos on his Homeworld and all surrounding planets. During this purge he learned much of the legions organisation and tactics and he was pleased. Nothing needed changing.

The legion swept out on crusade always hunting out xenos in preference to human targets wherever they went. They quickly became known throughout the Imperium as one of the foremost experts in xenos combat.

Legion Organisation

As adherents of the Codex Astartes, the Emerald Seraphim divide their battle brothers into Companies called Choirs. There are 9 Choirs in the Emerald Seraphim and each one is led by a Librarian.

To each chapter is assigned a unit of Cherubim of Martyrdom company as specialist unit.

The first company entirely consists by Cherubim of Martyrdom.

Unique Formations

Cherubim of Martyrdom

The personal body guards of Yezal are called the Cherubim of Martyrdom.

They are assault and close combat specialist. They seem to be affected by the instability of the Primarch mutation. When the space marine is overcome by the “Wrath” they are engulfed by an insatiable anger and hatred towards their target, boosting their strength and vitality to super human level.

They are sent out to perform the most dangerous assaults, hoping for a quick and honourable death in combat. However, by some unknown means the genetic flaw in the Emerald Seraphim gene-seed that produces the “wrath” also seems capable to extend the the victim lifespan, until he finally succumbs to the “wrath”.

Combat Doctrine

The legion engages in stand-off combat for only as long as it takes them to learn where to best deploy themselves for devastating close combat strikes.

Legion Homeworld

Main Article Malebolge IV

Desert planet high in natural resources.


Main Article: Yezal

Viewed as a saviour by his legion.

Culture and Beliefs

The legion firmly believes in the old Terran ideology of Angels with the Emperor taking the place of God. The Seraphim consider themselves one of his highest choir of angels and as such serve him with total dedication. This has in the past raised questions to their dedication to the imperial truth. They let it be abundantly clear they do not worship the Emperor as a divine being, they follow him as the ultimate expression of humanities will, personified in a single body.


The legion has a mostly unexceptional geneseed, though rumours persist of members entering a frenzied rage during heavy combat.

Exemplary Battles

Battle One

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Story of Battle

Battle Two

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Story of Battle

Notable Members

Yezal Son of the Metatron the Emperor
High Command
Nithael Chief Librarian
Person2 Name Title
Spod Name here Title