Legion XIX: The Exemplars

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Numeration XIX
Primogenitor Janus Fairchild
Cognomen Ghosts
Observed Strategic Tendencies Asymmetric Warfare, Peaceful Diplomatic Contact, Interstellar Trading
Noteworthy Domains Fortes Magna
Allegiance Fedelitas Constantus
Colours Grey with Orange Flash
“We infiltrated your government years ago, gathered information on every martial force and arsenal, replaced your key representatives and began the education of your populace. We prepared every aspect of your society for the new regime, without your knowledge and furthermore, we have already claimed this planet for the Imperium. Now your choice is simple, Your Excellency: knees or head?"
-Captain Ezequiel Vicente
Vox Capture - Grissom's World Compliance

In every way, the Exemplars are a different legion than from before they reunited with their Primarch. Gone are the tales of hidden secrets, desertion and independent action. The Exemplars are now a proud legion, happy to be counted among the Emperor's finest. Their trade vessels are a boon to beleaguered defenders and a mighty force to the enemies of the Imperium. Janus Fairchild is the epitome of a leader, strong, charismatic and gifted in the arts of strategy and diplomacy.


Before the Light

Exemplar Pre-Primarch.jpeg
Original Legion Colour Scheme

The XIX Ghosts had a terrible reputation among their peers during the early period of the Great Crusade, they were infamous for abandoning their objectives and disappearing for other tasks, sometimes leaving their allies in precarious positions, many of the Imperial Elite were unreserved of their condemnation of the Legion, yet the Emperor has never censured or reprimanded any member of this legion.

Cometh the Dawn

Exemplar Post-Primarch.jpeg
Current Legion Colour Scheme

Fortes was a lush, green/grey planet before Janus’ arrival, the numerous city and nation states covered the planet in strong links of alliance and trade. The planet had weathered the warp storms by focusing its conflict outwards instead of focusing on internal strife. Fortes’ fleets were extensive and traded with the sister planet Fenir, a resource rich, yet largely untapped world, similarly covered in city states.

Janus fell near the capital of the largest nation state on the planet, then known as Balivar. He was quickly adopted by the Head of the ruling house as his Star Child, the golden boy. Janus became the sole inheritor to the Fairchild’s estate in keeping with the local custom of fratricide and led his nation in a series of political alliances and binds before looking outward. He brought Fenir into line without the use of military force and began planet wide industrial extraction of minerals and materials, forever ruining the formerly beautiful world.

The Sun Rises

With the Fortes Magna system claimed under the Janus' supreme leadership, the next step was to expand further, the outlying worlds of Pinaro and the icy rock of Jovita were claimed and settled initially by criminals before full scale colonisation began. Janus used the high levels of technology to begin industrial exploitation of the asteroid belts and frequent cometary visitors. Janus even placed an expedition on a twin pair of comets Est and Ost which pass into the system every thirty years.

It came time to expand his Empire further and Janus looked to nearby stars, preparing his fleet to trade the rich resources from his home system, combining the trade ships with military force allowed his commanders to independently decide if peaceful expansion was possible, or a more military expansion was advised. Janus had begun developing an enhanced soldiery, combining the best technologies and a little bio medical science to great effect, he created a combatant who was the better of any man and utterly loyal.


Not long after this third period of expansion was underway, the Emperor arrived, with all his mighty forces. The Emperor descended to a glorious welcome from his son, who knew his father as soon as the initial vox message heralded the man's arrival. With most of his fleet engaged on other business, he prepared his capital city to welcome the Savior of Mankind, with parades and a great feast to signal his triumph and the absorption of his Empire into the Imperium of Mankind. In return for such a welcome, the Emperor bestowed great gifts of his own onto his new-found son.

Legion Organisation

Auxiliary Forces of the 12th Company stage for resupply - Karkan Compliance

While the Legion reorganized their internal company structure to something more resembling the trading houses of old Fortes, the overall structure of the legion is pretty much identical to that when it was formed. Ten Great Companies and two lesser companies for auxiliary and logistic work comprise the Legion. The Companies are named after the first commander of each, names such as Garamond and Paolo hold great meaning to the Legionnaires and they often adopt them as personal names. The Legions appear to be largely balanced in terms of combined arms with a heavier emphasis on mechanized infantry.

Equal emphasis is placed on resupply and logistic support as on combat operations, ensuring that legion assets are able to maneuver and fight with a healthy supply of ammunition. The auxiliary legions are primarily focused on simply enabling the combat forces to maintain at full strength at all times, swapping damaged vehicles and equipment on the fly and sometimes in the middle of combat.

Auxiliary Companies are predominantly made up of unmodified and partially enhanced soldiers numbering in the thousands but led by full marines where the Great Companies are entirely made up of marines.

Janus has made special effort to expunge the darker aspects of his legion’s history, re-branding them and refreshing their appearance in a massive PR campaign, combining a bright orange into their armor and colours, the colour of a dawning sun. Stories of things that have gone before have been ruthlessly ‘explained’ away, it is obvious that Janus wants to be proud of his legion, his subversive tactics notwithstanding.

Small Exemplars logo.jpg
Trader Designator

Unique Formations

Stiletto Strike Teams

Exemplar Stiletto.jpeg
Stiletto Colour Scheme

The Stiletto strike teams are the perfect infiltrators, using cameolene, they blend into a population before an attempt at compliance using third party transports, or stealthy landing vessels. They insinuate their way into the local society, sometimes years ahead of the arrival of a Compliance fleet. Their scope is broad, attempting to realign popular opinion towards the Imperium, assassinating key figures in subtle ways or simply preparing sabotage. One example shines out as a beacon, Stiletto Team 6 is part of the Primarch's initiative to re brand the legion, demystifying the work the Stiletto teams do has removed a lot of the doubts from critics.

Trader Heavy Assault Teams

Trader Colour Scheme.jpeg
Trader Colour Scheme

When committed to the battlefield, these combat drug enhanced warriors fight with every weapon available to them until their wounds overcome them, then they explode. Their mission is considered a failure if they do not each take at least two lives with their death, they are the pinnacle of asymmetric soldiery.

Combat Doctrine

The XIXth's specialty is winning a war before the first shot is fired. Strike teams infiltrate ahead of the main crusade fleets and disrupt the enemy before the legion begins landings. Additionally, they act as emissaries to future partners and pave the way for peaceful compliance.

When the Legion engages an enemy, it operates with traditional combined arms, eschewing specialised assaults or long range attacks for a more balanced approach. When the need arises, though, there are heavy assault teams whose role is to breach hardened defences in a suicidal charge of which the rest of the Legion can take advantage. These tactics work well in defense and attack.

Traditionally, the Legion prefers to spread its forces, relying on strike teams operating in concert across a wide front. This takes advantage of the superior abilities and equipment of individual Astartes. Special training allows small units to be more effective against a more numerous or highly equipped force and enables the unrelenting assault of well defended positions from multiple directions, stretching defenders to the maximum. This style of asymmetric warfare has proven to be highly successful enabling the Legion to limit the total committed force, reinforcement and resupply of isolated units is therefore made much more simple and allows for an overwhelming force to be deployed at almost zero notice.

A side effect of this tactical and logistic flexibility is when a marine perishes, the recovery of the geneseed is very likely so losses can be recuperated at a rate that outstrips any other legion.

In practice, a single company could be deployed across an entire continent, engaging what Marines jokingly call a 'target rich environment'. Being used to being outnumbered and outgunned has honed the legion's members into an adaptable and flexible force. Deployment is usually aimed at a decapitation strike with the outlying forces forcing enemies to spread to meet the attack and concentrate against the small pockets, opening gaps for further teams to deploy and degrade command, logistic and other significant targets.

Legion Homeworld

Main Article Fortes

Fortes is a lush, green/grey planet before Janus’ arrival, the numerous city and nation states covered the planet in strong links of alliance and trade.


Main Article: Janus Fairchild

Janus acts as both a military commander, master diplomat and a head of state, his handsome face and warm smile are a soothing balm to hostile negotiations. His skill at the table is only balanced by his martial prowess which is almost unparalleled.

Culture and Beliefs

The cultures and beliefs held by the citizens of Fortes are largely subsumed when inducted as Astartes, though their cutthroat temperament lingers on in their conduct on and off the battlefield, it is common enough to have arguments which run for hours as each nuance is fought over. Each warrior is trained to fight using their mind as well as weapons, the best of these go on to become members of the ultra-elite Stiletto teams, the poorest are inducted into the Trader Corps where they may best be used according to their temperament. In this way, the Legion weeds out the less mentally agile and gives them every opportunity to gain glory. The practice of barter is also alive within the legion, trophies and spoils are often the source of great interest and competition. Legionaries who gather the best artifacts are respected by their peers. Though the acquisition of personal wealth is pointless and unwelcome within the marines, the gathering of artifacts and works of art serve to preserve the best of every culture and trading for these items is a great method of building ties between sometimes very different cultures.

Though personal wealth is utterly irrelevant to the Marines of the Exemplars, their servants and auxiliary teams always hold a traditional market after a compliance. Usually, each marine surrenders several items from their personal collection, to be bartered and traded with a newly compliant people. This serves to remind the populace that they have become part of a greater Imperium with all the benefits that come with that fact, as well as to foster good relations with the locals, who may have to live alongside their new friends and sometimes, conquerors. Finally, the best of local produce is then added to those marines' collections, growing their stock and creating a rotation of goods.


The Exemplar's Geneseed is both stable and prolific. It has been found to adopt nearly any host with no deviation or alteration. The Exemplars treat the geneseed with the most care, correctly identifying the implant as the future of the Legion. Entire strategies exist for the recovery of geneseed, even from apparently impossible situations. Part of the reason Stiletto teams are so named is due to their stiletto blades which are used to excise the precious geneseed from their fallen brothers.

Critically, the geneseed is so adaptive, it takes to hosts from nearly any age or gender, the accidental implantation into a female host was successful, however Janus described the outcome as an aberration due to the nature of Fortesian cultural norms. The geneseed is considered personal property of the Primarch and women are not allowed to own or borrow significant items.

Exemplary Battles

Satrine's Landing

Main Article: Satrine's Landing

Concerning the compliance of a Xenos world.

The Bought Planet

Main Article: The Bought Planet

Concerning an agreement with the Adeptus Mechanicus.


Main Article: Basilisk
Difficult Compliance, assisted by the Leere Jäger

Notable Members

Primarch Janus FairchildThe Starchild, The Trader High Command
Captain Maximino Abreu Commander of the First Company 'Atilio'
Master Emilio Quinto Supreme Commander Space Forces
Trader Vic Trader Corps Commander Others Verissimo Da Cruz Eye of the Undone