Legion XIV: Los Lobos Rojo

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Numeration XIV
Primogenitor Diego De la Spada
Cognomen Old Legion Names
Observed Strategic Tendencies Blitzkrieg assaults, mechanised assaults, planetary drops.
Noteworthy Domains Victoria Prime
Allegiance Fedelitas Constantus
Colours Blood Red and Black
“Tomorrow we act, today we drink , then love, then sleep."
-Diego De La Spada
From 'Un Sueño para Mañana'

None among the Legiones Astartes match the XIVth Legion with regard to their association with the Mechanicum. From the red of their armor to their very composition, every fibre of the legion is geared towards technology and the fellowship of the machine spirit. The legion might have been considered too highly tied into the Mechanicum of Mars except for the fact that the Legion's homeworld is also an ancient Hive World which maintained its own Titan Legions even during the Long Dark.


Wax on, Wax off

The XIV Legion was always closely tied to the Mechanicum of Mars, acting as a testbed for new or redesigned equipment, especially with the latest advances in armor and vehicles. Their manufactories were very capable of dealing with changes, retooling is such a regular event. Once they brought Victoria Prime to compliance, it seemed fortunate that the young Primarch had naturally gravitated to technology and the sciences and had garnered a deep appreciation for the wonders of the Dark Age, found scattered over the planet.

A Point of Honour

Shortly after the turbulent warp storms surrounding Victoria Prime cleared, the world was beset by the foul Xenos known as Eldar. They seemed intent on destroying the planet's technological wealth, focusing specifically on the Master Forge, where artifacts from ancient times were held in reverence. Over a decade of relentless assaults, believed caused by the worlds proximity to a fabled craftworld ended with the Eldar defeated.

Legion Organisation

The Legion remains very much as it was founded, the continuity works well for Los Lobos Rojo. It was simple to swap out the Legion Commander for Diego. The Legion has a very traditional hierarchy, exactly as it had on its founding.

Unique Formations

Legio Cybernetica Augendae

These hybrid apothecary techmarines are the pinnacle of the bionicist art. They train in both disciplines to ensure their patients survival and enhancement. Any marine who is treated by these miracle workers are always better off for it.

Caballos de Aceros

The Land Raiders manufactured on Victoria Prime are made specifically for the Legion. Instead of a standard crew, marines are given mind impulse units, allowing them to control their vehicles by direct interface with the vehicles' machine spirit. This allows for a much faster response time to new threats and ensures a far more effective crew. In addition, with the removal of bulky crew spaces, further armor and transport capability is added making each Land Raider a far more potent threat.

Titan Legion Mertillo Negro

The titans of the Legion Mertillo Negro are unusual in several regards, each of them bear a special anchoring point for the Primarch on the top of their casing, allowing his power claws to safely attach him while his superweapons can act as an additional weapon system. They are universally deployed through drop pod, alongside the rest of the Astartes. They all carry enormous lightning claws on one or both hands, capable of tearing apart fortifications and enemy titans alike. These weapons are powered by their own electrochemical engine for an overload. As the capacitors charge, a deafening howl echoes across the battlefield, sowing terror among even hardened enemies.

Combat Doctrine

Los Lobos Rojo arrive rapidly upon any objective. Every Marine is mounted in a vehicle, propelled by a jump pack, or drops in a pod. Given the extremely mobile nature of the wolves, blitzkrieg style warfare is their specialization. It is often said that the only sword in the Legion is its Primarch, where any marine would be equipped for assault, they are usually found with a single, or a pair of lightning claws, to match their Primarch. Swords are reserved for nobility and not for shedding Xenos blood.

A typical assault would have Storm Birds engage in rapid landings, carrying Land Raiders and vindicators, accompanied by drop pods and orbital strikes. Marines close within minimum range and destroy the enemy with a combination of flamer and melta fire, while more, long range elements keep the enemy tied up with heavy sustained barrages.

In extended conflicts, they rely on their superior tank firepower. Nothing is more disheartening than having an entire battle company drop on top of you, then see the heavy support element roll up on your flank. Los Lobos Rojo focus extensively on the use of Land Raiders as the backbone of their forces. The immense vehicles are not only produced on Victoria Prime, they are specially customised specifically for the Legion.

Legion Homeworld

Main Article Victoria Prime

Victoria Prime is a paradise for the Mechanicum, a Forgeworld Fortress, a bulwark of technology both old and new. Innovation and creativity are not so cruelly blocked and ideas are allowed to flow, under the strict monitoring of a joint Mechanicum and Astartes tribunal. Vast temple-like structures dot the landscape, these are actually repositories of great knowledge, guarded in turn by the titans of the Legio Mertillo Negro.


Main Article: Diego De la Spada

Diego has never been just the focal point of the legion, he represents the ultimate guide and arbiter, a genius and a charismatic figure. His dashing good looks fit perfectly with his terrifying appearance on a battlefield. His men call him 'La Spada' (the sword) and his enemies have no time to think of a name before his entire legion drop from the stars right in their faces.

Culture and Beliefs

Due to their close alliance with the Mechanicum of Mars, many in the Legion naturally revere the Machine Spirit and share the beliefs of the Mechanicum, at least in private. Of course, it is necessary to adhere to the strict incantations when conducting repairs and to prepare the correct oils and unguents to anoint the Legion's equipment.


The Los Lobos Rojo are fortunate to maintain a solid geneseed with little deviation.

Exemplary Battles

Battle One

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Story of Battle

Battle Two

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Story of Battle

Notable Members

Diego De la SpadaThe Sword, The Wolf
High Command
Ignacio Master Librarian
Marcos Saer Princeps Ultima
Everado Salarza Master of Horse