Legion XIII

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XIII legion.jpg
Numeration XIII
Primogenitor Undiscovered
Cognomen "Lucky 13th"
Observed Strategic Tendencies Common Legion Practices, Unpredictable "Lucky" Tactics
Noteworthy Domains None Specific, Tithe Rights on 7 Worlds (Including Terra)
Allegiance Fedelitas Constantus
Colours Legion Grey
“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”
-Unknown Legionnaire

The XIIIth legion are plagued with bad luck and happen-stance. Obsessed with mitigating this and finding their Primarch who's direct Genetic Material is their only true hope of avoiding the slow spiral into oblivion.


Early Years

The "Lucky 13th" were nearly destroyed by a rogue AI virus that corrupted their Genebanks and attempted to spawn half human monstrosities with the materials. Their Gene Legacy has been irreparably damaged without their Primarch and they have thrown themselves into Exploration of the Galaxy to find him as a consequence, suffering heavy casualties in the process, indeed some say they are cursed to always suffer ill luck.

Great Crusade

Caught in some of the Bloodiest Battles of the great crusade, the XIII have the highest casualty rate amongst all 20 Legions. The Other Legions are wary of working closely with them as their "Curse" seems to affect those working alongside them as easily as it does the Legion itself. While few admit it openly everyone knows that to work with the XIIth is to court disaster.

Obsessed with finding their Primarch to mitigate their losses the XIIIth are the Premier explorers amongst all the Expeditionary fleets, matched only by the Legendary 1st Fleet, so whilst understrength by most standards they are allowed to continue spreading the Imperial Truth to the stars, even if other forces will be forced to come in and finish their work.

Legion Organisation

The XIIIth adhere closely to the Strictures of the Principa Bellicosa, differing only in certain squad sizes being considered Lucky, (Typically between 6 and 10) these vary by Company and Chapter and are not listed as offical on the TO&E. The Legions infamous casualty rates help disguise these superstitions as shattered squads are banded together irregularly into combat effective teams.

Unique Formations


An Unoffical Designation, but one shared across the Legion, some squads seem to counter the Legions general poor fortune. Indeed these Squads seem bizzarely to run into exceptional good luck whenever they end up in combat. Stumbling into unprepared foes, strolling unharmed through hidden minefields or dropping off target directly where they can do most harm to the enemy. The origin of the name is unknown but all seem to agree that Chosen men is the correct term.

As Veterans they are frequently well equipped and savvy commanders often unsure they get an unusual concentration of Plasma or Volkite weaponry, their uncanny luck rendering such weapons notoriously effective.

Combat Doctrine

The XIIIth are often as keen to engage but pensive on deployment, given their reputation for ill luck they often anticipate issues to an almost paranoid degree. They discharge their duty as required to the best of their ability though and once deployed they conduct warfare in much the same way as their cousins in the other Legions. Though it has been noted that an unusual amount of superstition is often evident.

Legion Homeworld

None, the Legion recruits from those worlds it brings to compliance, reinforced by a steady stream of recruits from a number of Tithe Worlds.


The XIIIth Legion has yet to locate their Gene-Father. Their search for him is all consuming.

Culture and Beliefs

If a custom has been said to bring good luck, it is said that the XIIIth have tried it three times (For luck). A worrying cult of personality has formed around the figure of their Primarch as Savior, VIth Legion Chaplains have noted these tendancies but Imperial Censure has not yet been forthcoming.


The XIIIth have severely damaged Genestocks thanks to the Langstrom AI, thanks to that their numbers have never been great to start with and the increased casualties they suffer have lead to further damage to gene quality as even sub standard seed is required to maintain combat effectiveness. Numerous organs are often reduced in effectiveness or failing in many aspirants and extensive cybernetic enhancements are needed in many cases. Without discovery of their Primarch the Legion is expected to be withdrawn from Line service within the decade to recover their numbers.

Exemplary Battles

Battle One

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Battle Two

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Notable Members

Legion Master
Legion Master Thadeus Zhuktar current Legion Commander
High Command
Master Kalen Black : Commander 1033rd Expeditionary fleet
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