Legion XII: The Blood Crows

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Numeration XII
Primogenitor Mar'Fett Dass, Scion of Blood and Silver
Cognomen (Prior) Steel Wolves
Observed Strategic Tendencies Raiding, Overwhelming Advance, Asymetric Gurilla Warfare
Noteworthy Domains Aran Eater of Light
Allegiance Fedelitas Constantus
Colours Name of Colours
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Since Mar'fett Dass took the Legion for his own, the former Steel Wolves have changed Dramatically. The influx of Astartes born of the desolation of Aran has turned the Immovable Object that the Wolves were into an Unstoppable force in the Blood Crows. Prefering brief engagements where possible, the Blood Crows favour Hit and Run tactics or Storming the enemy with Overwhelming firepower. If the Crows cannot ensure victory in a short engagement, they tend towards dropping operatives subtly into the enemy, weakening Morale and Supply lines, assasinating Leadership and Sabataging Heavy Armour. This invariably leads towards and enemy retreat or once the enemy force is sufficiently weakened then they are wiped out en mass. The Crows do not lend themselves to protracted Sieges, nor to they typically stay to reinforce a world once recovered, prefering to strip the planet of all portable resources and then move on. The Great BloodCrow Battleship, The Scythe, travels with the main fleet. An indomitable war vessel, its primary purpose is to rapidly fill its Vast Cargo Holds with loot during a battle. In the event of a Blood Crow withdrawel, they take as much of the enemys resources with them as possible.


Steel Wolves

The 12th Legion were Largely recruited from Old Albia and the Nord Enclaves with a scattering of other recruits from across Terra. After the liberation of Sol large numbers of Luna recruits were used to bulk out the Legion to Crusade strength alongside a number of ships and crews from the Saturine fleet (Many still displaying their Signature Scythe Heraldry today). During the Early Crusade the legion picked up the nickname "The Steel Wolves" after the victory parade on Helion where the newly promoted Legion Master met Malcador for the first time and remarked he had a "mind of Steel to lead his pack of wolves". The unoffical name was adopted by the XIIth as they went forward.

Part 2 Name

Second Part of History

Legion Organisation

Mar'fett Dass leads his people from the front, prefering to get hands on where he can. Most strategy is left to Andran Thrace, the Legion chief.

Unique Formations

Formation 1

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Combat Doctrine

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Legion Homeworld

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Culture and Beliefs

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Exemplary Battles

Battle One

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Battle Two

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Notable Members

Mar'Fett DassShiniest of Shiney, The Shiney Lord
High Command
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