Legion X: Leere Jäger

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Numeration X
Primogenitor Arminius
Cognomen Low Gothic "Space Hunters"
Observed Strategic Tendencies Methodical Pacification, Close support for the IXth, Fleet Specialists
Noteworthy Domains Messorem
Allegiance Fedelitas Constantus
Colours Blue and Red
“Etiam in Morte Sumus Servite - Even in death we serve" - Black Knights motto

A Legion rebuilding itself from past tragedies and loss of life. Even though taking huge casualties before the crusade even began they persevere and turn such weakness into strength. They heard the calls from the other legions to amalgamate the the 9th and 10th but refuse to accept it. Throwing themselves into the crusade with renewed vigour, out to prove they are still effective.


Legion Origins

Unusually amongst the Legions the 9th and 10th have operated almost entirely in concert. Originally recruiting from Across Europa both suffered from a catastrophic Ship collision with the Jantine Orbital Plate which was the staging ground for both Legions. In light of this Disaster there were calls to simply merge the two but the Emperor forbade it. Nonetheless Crusade command effectively put the two together as one fleet and since then they have enjoyed extremely close cooperation in all spheres.

Shining Beacon in the Dark

Legion Symbol

The Great Rebellion had just come to an end when the Imperial fleet arrived in orbit. Arminius was overjoyed at the chance to stand shoulder to shoulder with his brothers and lead his legion on crusade to free worlds and bring them to know Imperial enlightenment. Where possible this was done through rallying the local populous to rise up and embrace the Imperium with little resistance or damage to local infrastructure. Preserving local technology and resources earned him respect throughout the supporting elements of the crusade.

The legion itself learned to view him as a brother first and father Second. The bonds of camaraderie that can only be born in the heat of battle and in the face of overwhelming fear.


After his reunion with his father and rediscovery by the Imperium, Arminius was curious about everything. He worked with the master of the legion to introduce himself to the legion, finding out who they were and how they worked. Learning their established rituals and tactics. Not satiated by this, he wanted to know more of the Empire of Man, he began a pilgrimage to learn what he could of the universe.

Visiting imperial world after world with his legion, bringing them to compliance taught him about his legion and the imperial armies. Then he travelled to Terra, visited the imperial palace and all the locations his legion had fought during the Unification Wars. Spending long hours talking and learning from Malcador, poring through the Imperial archives studying. Arminius learned much of history, the Golden age of Technology and the age of strife that followed it. He learned how to lead the normal humans, how to command and manage the armies and planets of man.

He then made his way to Mars to undergo the same training the Techmarines would go through. Learning all the rites and rituals to maintain all imperial machine spirits and to know how to fix them when damaged. A process that normally would take 30 years, however with the superior mind of a Primarch he absorbed the information at an astounding rate impressing even the Mechanicum. He would complete the training in 5 years, but stayed on a further 5 to advance his knowledge even further. Such dedication to the gathering of knowledge gained him great respect from the Forge masters on Mars.

When he returned to his legion he applied his new found knowledge to all aspects of its running. Firmly believing that they learn from their history they regularly look back over recent operations identifying how things could have gone better and introducing new efficiencies in their combat doctrine. The legion is constantly on the lookout for new ways to do thing and new technologies with a passion that is similar to the Adeptus Mechanicum.

Legion Organisation

Very little changed in the organisation of the legion when Arminius took over. Great council was taken from the former master of the legion on all things due his superior experience with combat on a legion scale. Arminius was however a quick study and rapidly made many minor efficiency changes. Most notable was consolidation in numbers to ensure combat effectiveness after the losses sustained buy the legion during the Jantine Incident, deploying only 6 combat effective groups down from 8.

The legion rapidly becoming known for being steadfast in the face of overwhelming odds and never giving up an inch of land taken in the name of the Emperor.

Unique Formations

Black Knights

Black Knight.jpg
Black Knight
Even the fallen must serve on the front lines. The Leere Jäger feature a heavier concentration of dreadnoughts, incredible numbers of fatally wounded Astartes from the 10th survive long enough for Dreadnought implantation and an exclusive deal with the Mechanicum provides ample units for them. Organised into Cadres with the most prominent being the Infamous Black Knights. Towering black behemoths hot dropped into only the most dire and bloody of combats. Through sheer mental fortitude they endure in the face of the enemy, charging into combat with little regard for their own safety.


Very few in number and almost never seen off home world, they are the paragons of the legion. Reaching the pinnacle of their chosen specialty, often chosen from the most veteran of the legion with the sole purpose to train the novicius. Only deployed in combat when all other tactics fail.

Combat Doctrine

The Anvil to the 9th's hammer.

Legion Homeworld

Main Article Messorem

Giant almost moon sized ship, a relic of the Golden age of Technology that took humanity to the stars. Modified and upgraded throughout the years into the floating planet it has now become.


Main Article: Arminius

Arminius is viewed as the pinnacle the legion aspires to become. The perfect warrior scholar.

Culture and Beliefs

When not on deployment the legion commonly engages in sparring, team contests and feasting. These activities are commonly held in the many colosseums scattered throughout the Messorem for the entertainment of all. Such activity is actively encouraged by the Primarch as it keeps a high readiness level and also serves as great entertainment and training, spreading new tactics and doctrine throughout the legion.


Stable, legion has a tendency to produce larger than average marines.

Exemplary Battles

Arconar Compliance

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The squad had been pinned down for 14 hours..

Defence of Ritzos

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From the records of the 52nd expedition fleet...


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Difficult Compliance, assisting by the The Exemplars

Notable Members

Primarch Arminius Brother, Father, Paragon
High Command
Tetraites Captain
Person2 Name Title
Gratus Sergeant
Isaiah Black Knight, Dreadnought