Legion VIII: The Gromril Guard

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Gromril Guard.jpeg
Numeration VIII
Primogenitor Duo Sacci
Cognomen Line backers
Observed Strategic Tendencies Defensive attrition warfare
Noteworthy Domains Maulfarack and Bodt
Allegiance Fedelitas Constantus
Colours White and gromril grey
"None shall break us"
- a common chant during battle

The Gromril Guard are the VIII Legiones Astartes, Rising from the Beaten but undefeated world of Maulfarack. They are the masters of defiance, unbreakable in combat.


The VIIIth Legion went by the name line backers (which were abbreviated to LBs) with a more support defensive role during. Recruits were taken from well-established and civilised hive cities with the view of the new recruits looking for ways to better themselves, marshalling skill, discipline and fortitude. LBs were a by-the-book legion who revelled in completing tasks perfectly, where it be take down a war hungry warlord or completing simple patrols and guarding outposts, it didn’t matter the order, what was important that it was followed and completed by the book. The Linebackers never actively sought Glory, the fact the task itself was given was glory enough. To the regular man the legion was humble and loyal in their serving of humanity, to other legions they were portrayed slow and lacked initiative.

The Crusade

Once the crusade begun the line backers were dispatched to the more aggressive enemies which where prone to striking back at the emperor as the combat doctoring fitted the field of war which was present to them. Although progress seemed slower than others and the mocking and disappointment where heavy, there was clear statistics that the casualty rate of the LBs where sustainably less than the other legions. The LBs where often called upon by other legions when a seemingly stubborn foe's where had and clear war of attrition where inevitable to allow the other legions to better spend their time on quick sweep wins. Another call to arms were had with compliant worlds which still had pocket resistance which could not be easily just hunted and destroyed and instead required intel, time and ability to thwart surprise attacks and counter. Overall command was changed 3 times up until the arrival of the primarch one death, and one step aside for a quickly rising warrior named "jaffar" which then went onto to become Duos right hand man.

Legion Organisation

The Gromril guard are known for the slow and steady method of the crusade, only splitting into 4 fleets (each containing 33k legionnaires) with a 5th planed to be created soon (27K Legionaries). 3 are currently set to go on aggressive Crusades and the 4th to garrison and counter counter-attacks on the Imperial boards. Each fleet is commanded by a group of 5 leaders. Which work as a single unit and a very closely organised. Each fleet is also responsible for a patch of space inside Duo jurisdiction keeping order and a secure defensive. Often leading to large amounts of small teams being dispatched from the main fleet to assist local worlds or even other legions.

Unique Formations

"ADL fortress" (Drop pod bunker)

ADL fortress' is a group of 5 rather large ship like flatpack drop pod bunkers which are launched from space to the ground each containing a normal size unit of 20 legionnaires. The Goal of the group is to slam into the defences of the enemy and completely ruin the battle alignment the foe had planned and reconstruct into a mighty bunker to more or less turn into a bullet magnet and to hold out until the bulk of the force begin the sweeping assault. The original design which was used by Duo before uniting with Terra was a stationary bunker, one which if needed in an assault would have to be brought in via transport which meant it could not all ways be used as the initial break though was not possible or heavy losses would be had bringing it to bear. With the help of the Mechanicum, the ADL fortress was now able to be dropped in with devastating effects.

Combat Doctrine

The Gromril Guard are commit to strong defensive stances with small bursts of counter attacks then when the enemy has lost momentum and are weekend and victory is assured with minimal casualties a mass sweep attack is done to finish the job. As the Emperors task for the VIII was clear in taking new worlds and spreading imperial truth the tactics of the GG where changed to meet the needs of the task at hand. Using their signature attack of slamming mini fortresses from orbit into the enemy lines and holdings out against untold firepower and disrupting the enemy designed and plans for the battle.

The VIII will often wait for counter attack and not always take an opportunity if ones might seem like a tactical benefit, they will happily wait till it’s a dead-set winning blow for the combat. Again this is somewhat irritating to other legions as it seems like a waste of time.

Legion Homeworld

Main Article Maulfarack

Maulfarack was a heavily industrial mining world before its defiance against BODT Empire, It then underwent mass fortification period to hold out against the oppressors. Once BODT was dealt with and immediate threats were dealt with it bloomed with industrialisation, manufacturing and mining. The world is highly organised and run by the council of Maulfarack made up of elected delegates and members of the Munitorium. The hive cities around the factories and mining have been crafted to the people’s needs, Duo and the council have gone to great lengths to facilitate every Maulfon's needs believing that in every one there is an ability to contribute to the needs of the many.

The council is split into 28 members, 9 members from the Munitorium, 12 selected members from Duo's old command unit (one of which is Duo's wife*****) and 7 from the segregated Maulfarack populous******. Duo has welcomes the terran Munitorium delegates to help the progress of integration into the imperial way. Duo has tried his best not to make himself out to be the ruler of Maulfarak but due to his power and authority it’s very hard for any1 to not see it that way. By Maulfarack law, Duo reports into the council but in reality he has the respect of the council that they go with what he believes is right for his people. The people in turn also respect and love Duo for what he has done for his world.

The world its self is slowly removing the overly defensive fortifications and making way for more populous friendly role. The risk of attack is almost unthinkable and The Greystone orbital defensive stations are believed to be able to repel any invasion thinkable.

There is still much to build and develop on Maulfarak. More and more of the dispersed population are being drawn to the hives and work, which is great for manpower but is a massive drain on organization and facilitating the needs (hence the large council board).


Main Article: Duo Sacci

Out of combat : Duo does care much for personal taste in clothes but complies with traditions and wears what will fit the audience. On the home world of Maulfarack the only unusual thing he wears compare to the rest of the commanders is a tabard with his embalm dawned with a shield of the chapter symbol. Combat : Only wears combat gear that has practicality. But the gear is kept in pristine condition. He does have a favoured gear and frequently changes to keep up to date with modifications that give the best combat effectiveness but from the outside the wargear looks nothing more then standard. Looks : The hair is no different to duo’s way of thinking it is kept short and combat effective. He has a few, not to many scars which are noticeable. Of which the one above his left eyebrow being the most noticeable. Trinkets: He wears only a ring on his left finger which is actually a sidr band. (Equivalent of a wedding ring), although it was an arrangement he was forced into when young he still accepted the responsibility at the time. Nothing has really come about the arrangement due to leading a rebellion and joining the crusade but Duo has kept it as it was an agreement which was made when he was young. Weapons : Duo runs around with a large slab storm shield and a hand mace both infused with the local material of gromril/maul. A bolter is also holstered for ranged when needed.

Due enjoys tranquil settings. Although he does not care much about his own looks he takes great enjoyment in the presentation of his own home world and the legion. With often inspections made to “points of wonder” over the world and outposts. He can often just stand and stare when he sees picture perfect scenery. As a hobby he likes to craft and test items of wargear looking for ways to improve. Even though he has forges and facilities to do this for him he will still join in to get a personal feel for the development of the wargear and get hands on. BODT enslaved his homeworld, and forced him to fight a war which he did not want, but he could not stand how they enslaved his homeworld, because of this he has a bad habit of not being friendly to others who enforce their power. Dislikes making hasty decisions and frowns at other which are hasty by nature. Although judgemental on his brothers he sees them for what they are and understand they too have a role to play in the emperor’s plan.

Duo does not see himself as leader but naturally falls into this role. He has taken the role of leading a legion on the crusade only by order of his father, not to say he was opposed to his father’s plan as he had the mind set of making his own empire in his region of space. His father plan was just on a grander scale. He takes the view that every one of his people can contribute to the imperial plan and doesn't want to waste. He strongly believes every1 has the ability to bring something to the table. Often he sees other imperial run sociality not displaying this which frustrates him at times.

Keeping a promise however small: during the civil war between BODT, Due did have BODT defectors which were used as spy’s. In an important battle he came across one which was badly wounded by Duo;s men. He made Duo promise the safety of his family back on BODT. When it came to the assault on BODT due did not start until special forces located and secured the family. Defensive stance: due to the travel limitation of his homeworld no attack could be launched against BODT leading to a continues stance of defence against the aggressors. Duo mastered the art of defiance and defence Emperor's plan is the same as Duo's but grander: The one main difference to his father is being content, Duo would be happy to have his pocket empire where his father would want to push to conquer everything. He respects his father and does not want to break the commitment to him.

Humble pie: Duo Respects Authority and will follow orders even if its against his personal desires. He will aid his brothers when requested. He will keep himself to himself most of the time but will answer any call for assistance.

Build up (literally). He does want to go around destroying the enemies of the emperor (but takes the order if received) he would rather build an empire and bring the end game to the emperor’s plan sooner rather than later.

Deliberate planer: His plans are all ways drilled out and followed. When fighting along side brothers Duo will often go with his own plan and let his brothers decide what they want to do, as Duo’s fight style (defective) is very different to the usual legion brothers.

Before the emperor he wanted his homeworld to be free of BODT oppression and to build his own galactic empire. With the enlightenment of the emperors even grander plan he wants to have his empire part of the grander imperial. During the crusade all he wanted was get to the end game and start building from the inside, and creating a tip top empire that reviled even that of the elder. Duo does not want to stay a warrior for ever, he wants to run and help his people.

Duo respects and looks to his father. Duo had his own plan but it falls to much in line with his father to persue his own goal. When the emperor revealed him self he gave the ability to bring the fight to BODT and fight Duo’s own fight for this Duo is eternally grateful to his father and has pledged his allegiance. He takes every order from the emperor, He has yet to take a morally difficult order from the emperor and is not sure how far his loyalty could stretch if the emperor’s orders became questionable.

Culture and Beliefs

The Linebackers where a very clean cut legion before joining with their primarch which made the integrating of Maulfarack Culture fighting methods so much easier. Once united the culture of attack, defend and build was adopted. Both Terran and Maulfron's took traits from each other to best adept to the task the emperor set. Duo realised the importance of integration and employed many many members of the imperial family from works to warriors and from architects to tinkers. The greatest pool was take from The "Munitorium" to help reshape and maintain Maulfarack and "Mechanicum" to help enhance and build his legion and homeworld. In return large influence over the running Maulfarak and factorums management was given to both as a sign of trust and needing their help. The Gromril Guard believe they have a task to complete, to make the emperor's empire a safe and prosperous place for all of humanity, currently they aim to protect where its needed and provide assistance where needed. With the distant aim to finish the crusade and improve the lives of all under the emperor.


The Geneseed is a perfect model of the emperors ideal legionnaire, the Gromril Guard have so far had no issues and mass production has not been effected.

Exemplary Battles

Battle One (first Strike)

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Story of Battle

Battle Two

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Story of Battle

Battle Three

Main Article: The fall of Bodt

Story of Battle

Notable Members

Lord Primarch (previously Lord Commander) Duo SacciShiniest of Shiney, The Shiney Lord
High Command
Lord Jaraf Title
Commander Sid Title
First Lady Beebee Sacci Primarchs Wife