Legion VII: The Azure Scions

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Numeration VII
Primogenitor Elim Viir
Cognomen (Prior) Thunder lances
Observed Strategic Tendencies Rapid aerial decapitation strikes
Noteworthy Domains Atlantia
Allegiance Fedelitas Constantus
Colours Name of Colours
“Strike hard, Strike fast!
-Legion credo

The Azure Scions are the VII Legiones Astartes, hailing from the industrial world of Atlantia. They are famed for hard hitting rapid strikes into the heart of the enemy.


The Thunder Lances

The VIIth Legion, also known as the Thunder Lances due to their rapid overwhelming strikes, were recruited originally from the Khanian Steppes and the nomadic tribes that reside there. Superstitious to the point of skirting the line of the Imperial Truth, the VIIth kept trinkets and curios attached to their armour which they believed would bring them luck and ward off evil spirits. This erratic behaviour was tolerated by the Emperor however as the VIIth were a brutally effective force for effecting unity, their Bikers and infamous stripped down transports striking from unexpected angles just when the enemy thinks victory is theirs and turning the tide. They were particularly renowned for coming to the aid of other embattled legions and were often accused of turning up just in time to steal the glory without doing any of the real fighting. However, anybody who saw these warriors at work could attest to their commitment and skill at arms. Originally armoured in red, often daubed with warding sigils and hung with fetishes, the Thunder Lances struck fear into those who resisted the unity the Emperor dreamed of.

The Crusade

Once unity had been assured on Terra, the Thunder Lances were amongst the first to be dispatched across the galaxy, winning compliances at a frightening rate. They rapidly moved across the galaxy, seeking their Primarch, and bringing many worlds back into the Imperial fold.

Some criticism was levelled however at their refusal to fight grinding compliances, only wishing to engage in battles where they could bring their specialities to the fore. Planets would often be earmarked and referred to the Imperial Army or another nearby Legion fleet if a war of attrition looked likely. The original commander of the Legion, a warrior named Jargo Chann, was censured for this, and was due to be replaced at the head of the legion when Atlantia was discovered, and when Viir was interred at the head of the Legion he allowed Chann to stay on as leader of the legions destroyer clades.

Viir wanted to stamp his mark on his new legion, and decided to rename it after his own original Skyreaver warband, the widely feared Azure Scions. He also instituted a new armour scheme, although he allowed the Legionaries to keep their trinkets, a practise which his pirates has also indulged in.

Legion Organisation

The Azure Scions are known to be one of the largest Legions, currently thought to have an effective fighting strength of around 200,000 active legionaries. These are divided into Warbands of around 300 warriors each lead by a Skylord. These will be further divided into squadrons of 10 Riders, led by a lieutenant. Several specialised units exist ouside of this structure, including the Zephyrim Squadrons and the destroyer clades, as well as the legions unusually large complement of Techmarines and the Apothecarion, who often work in close cooperation with each other developing new enhancements for the legion.

Unique Formations

Zephyrim Skyreaver Squadrons

The Zephyrim squadrons are formed from the elite of Elim Viir's warbands from his homeworld of Atlantia. These warriors use sophisticated MIU uplinks to connect them to their jetbike, allowing them to steer by thought and instinct alone, leaving both hands free to weild an assortment of deadly melee weapons.

Known for daring attacks, swooping down from the sky and sweeping into the enemy ranks before they can react before racing back into the air again, leaving the eviscerated remains of their victims in their wake.

Combat Doctrine

The Azure Scions commit to rapid decapitation strikes at the enemy command structure, swooping from the skies on jetbikes or in aircraft, destroying the enemy and then rapidly falling back before the weight of the enemy force can be brought to bear, and then striking at any other obvious weak points in the enemy force, picking them apart piece by piece.

Their legion is unusual in that every Legionary is issued with a jetbike as part of their standard equipment. These are often customised by the riders, and death-defying races are the preferred method of settling disputes rather than the duels or debates of other legions. This is not to say that the Scions cannot fight as a conventional legion does, maintaining standard equipment such as terminator armour and battle tanks, but will always prefer to fight as they have historically, at high speed.

The legion maintains few drop pods, only using them if absolutely necessary and preferring to begin any planetary assault in force with Storm Eagle and Thunderhawk strikes, followed by specially adapted Stormbird dropships, able to unleash a swarm of jetbikes from special launch racks at both high or low altitude.

Legion Homeworld

Main Article Atlantia

Atlantia is a vibrant and progressive world, located in the reaches of the Ultima Segmentum and with excellent links to both Accatran and Metalica forge worlds. The planet itself consists almost entirely of large factory-cities, the spires of which reach high into the skies like the peaks of mountains. These cities are owned by the many tech-guilds of Atlantia, although some have fallen into disuse as industrial facilities and are ruled over by private individuals.

Unlike most industrial world of the Imperium, the factory-cities of Atlantia are progressive and each citizen is well fed and looked after, leading long and happy lives in a well ordered society. High levels of technology are everywhere and even the youngest child will often sport some kind of bionic enhancement to enable them to interact with their environment or to improve their abilities in areas relating to where their particular skills lie.

Atlantia does not have a planetary governor, but is ruled over by a council of the heads from the eight most productive guilds. Every five years, the production figures are reviewed and new members of the council may be sworn in appropriately. In this way, industry is encouraged and rewarded. Some of the factory owners are not above some skullduggary in order to sabotage their competitors and boost their chances of election to the council, and it is not unknown for them to bribe and entreat some of the more undesirable elements of the abandoned factorums to engage in acts of terrorism, strictly anonymously of course. These raiders are known collectively by the population as Skyreavers due to their preferred attack methods, coming out of nowhere on jetbikes and skimming transports, sowing destruction amongst machinery and then fleeing once more before any serious retaliation can be mustered. A concerted effort to combat these pirates has never materialised as at any point, most members of the council will at least in part owe their position to employing these corsairs.


Main Article: Elim Viir

Elim Viir fell from the skies of Atlantia, plunging deep into one of the abandoned factorums on the outskirts of the capital. As his pod streaked from the sky, it was seen by a returning group of Skyreavers who took it upon themselves to retrieve the potentially valuable material. Finding the wrecked capsule, they took the infant Viir with them back to their hideout. Raised among the pirates, Viir proved to be a resourceful raider, planning and leading several attacks before his tenth birthday. Several of the other leaders were suspicious of this newcomer whose growth and learning were unparalleled, but could not deny the success and riches he was bringing them. After a particularly successful raid, the guilder patron gifted Viir a powerful exoskeleton which boosted his already prodigious strength to the point where he could punch through the thickest armour or lift the largest cargo crawlers. Over time he was also gifted with other enhancements including mind impulse links, allowing him to pilot vehicles with a thought. With Viir's help, the Reavers consumed the other local groups until by the time he rose to leadership, he had an army at his command. Recognising this power, and fearing for their positions, the tech guilds brought in every assassin they could contact to try and rid them of this scourge. Several times these killers would return claiming their task was completed, but mere days later, Viir would be sighted alive and well.

Eventually though, the Skyreavers became overconfident. Buoyed by their success, several warbands launched attacks without the backing of their leader. These went disastrously wrong, and the tech guild leaders were prepared not only to repulse the attack, but also had overwhelming forces ready to pursue the fleeing jetbikes back to their sanctuary. Viirs forces were unprepared, and were staring destruction in the face when a golden light was seen in the heavens. The Emperor descended in his transport, barely halting the attack and saving Viir from certain annihilation. The Emperor saw the civilisation the tech guilds had created and decreed that with the leadership of Viir it could thrive as never before. The tech guilds resented this usurpation but were powerless to deny the Emperors decree.

Viir is seen as a figure of fear and wonder by the populace of Atlantia, the propaganda of the ruling council projecting an impression on the working people of a tyrannical warlord, hell-bent on indiscriminate destruction, but first hand accounts declaring him charismatic, but with a ruthless and wrathful streak. Since his rise to power, many have changed their opinion, but there are still large areas of population who remember the destruction and death caused by his raids and will never forgive him for this.

Standing a full foot taller than even his Primarch brothers, Viir is an imposing figure. His muscular frame is further bulked out by his bionic exoskeleton and his immense battle plate. In battle he wields the brutal double handed hammer 'Stormstrike', which makes a sound like thunder as it strikes, and an array of high tech pistols. He is borne to war on a vast Jetbike almost the size of a landspeeder, or on his personal grav-chariot, swooping over the heads of his enemies and striking down upon them from above.

Culture and Beliefs

When Elim Viir took command of the legion he brought with him his homeworlds strong ties with technology and especially bionic augmentations. While slower on the uptake than Atlantian members of the legion, it is now believed that even the Terran legionaries have adopted the practise of upgrading and enhancing their already formidable physiques with bionics, especially reaction enhancing nodes in the brain, allowing lighting fast reactions and replacement of injured limbs with synthetic alternatives rather than vat-grown clones. This fetishisation of the machine has been view by some Imperial authorities as unhealthy, but the Scions have never shown any signs of disloyalty and actually help maintain excellent Imperial relations with many forge worlds through a series of liason officers and pacts to share newly discovered technologies with their Martian allies. It has been noticed that a lot of these technologies are only passed on after they have spent time being rigorously studied by the tech guilds of Atlantia and some notable pieces have been known to disappear altogether before they reach the Mechanicum, although these accusations have never been proved true. What is known however is that the Scions appear to have access to technologies unique to their legion, which they are loathe to share with their erstwhile cousins.


The Azure Scions geneseed has always been remarkably stable and easy to adapt to the populace of Atlantia. The excellent storage and genetic research facilities maintained by the Scions also ensure that there has been no degradation in the geneseed over time, allowing recruitment to be an incredibly smooth process, with relatively few incidents of failure to bond with the aspirant.

Exemplary Battles

Battle One

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Story of Battle

Battle Two

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Story of Battle

Notable Members

Elim Viir Lord of the VII Legion, High Reaver of Al-Karest, Scourge of Atlantia
High Command
Ultor Yass Commander of the Zephyrim squadrons
Zerio K'nek Master of the forges, liason to the Mechanicum
Saril Logos Master of the Ironcutter, Commander of the fleet