Legion VI: The Emperor's Reformation

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Numeration VI
Primogenitor Carolus
Cognomen Old Legion Names
Observed Strategic Tendencies Shock troops
Noteworthy Domains Trullo
Allegiance Fedelitas Constantus
Colours Name of Colours
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The Emperor's Reformation, as part of the "Trefoil Legions" project, were retained from the Initial Crusade Wave of the Emperor and kept very close at hand during their founding. They are known as powerful shock troops and since falling under the command of Carolus their piety is unparalleled. Chaplains of the Brotherhood, trained by the original surviving members of the Abbey on Trullo, move amongst their ranks as both trained battle brothers and religious touchstones.


Early History

The Emperor's Reformation were deployed mainly as shock troops. They were deployed to a handful of battles where they became known for their tenacity and ferocity in battle and were generally used to break the enemy lines so other forces could divide up the enemy and dispatch them while they were in disarray.

Recent History

Carolus saw possibility in the VIth, though their unregimented style and near feral fighting style was something that he saw he had to deal with before it got any worse. To this end he used the Brotherhood that was formed while subduing Trullo to enforce his will across his armies. The original members trained up Chaplains to lead the squads and promote more controlled battle formations and to watch for any worrying signs of sin amongst the brothers under their ward. In this way the army moved from being a disruptive force to a destructive one. Their charges were just as ferocious, though now more inspired by religious fervor than animalistic rage, and they became far more adept at both breaking and destroying enemy formations.

Legion Organisation

Archimandrate (Primarch)
Cardinals (Master of a fleet/force)
Abbots (Battlefield Commanders)
Chaplains (Special Squad Attachments)
Clerics (Squad Commanders)

Unique Formations

Formation 1

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Combat Doctrine

The Emperor's Reformation specialise in decisive strikes on enemy positions. Their main aim in combat is to disrupt and split the enemy forces so the smaller groups can be dealt with individually.

Legion Homeworld

Main Article Trullo

Trullo is a resource rich planet with the sensibilities of the 15th century. The people are prosperous and generally happy, rewarded well for their work extracting resources from the many mines spread around the richest seams on the planet. All cities have an Abbey nearby where the people can go for a trial by endurance if they wish to join the church, these trials overseen by a Chaplain of the chapter. Any who pass the physical, mental and spiritual tests will join the ranks of the Emperor's Reformation. Those who fail have their wounds bound and are returned to their families for recuperation.

Additionally, members of The Brotherhood walk the streets in secret. They join communities, work with the people and watch for signs of corruption. Anyone who appears to be plotting against the Primarch's rule or the stability of the land are swiftly and publicly dealt with.


Main Article: Carolus

Carolus is the spiritual and military leader of the Emperor's Reformation. His orders are passed down the ranks through the Cardinals and Abbots to the Chaplains on the battlefield. He dictates the grand strategy but trusts his Cardinals to be trained in the specifics and to make wise tactical choices in battle. He is known to take the field in important battles and can be seen on the front lines, long sword in one hand, Inferno Pistol in the other, purifying the battlefield with his fellow brothers.

Culture and Beliefs

The Reformation follow Carolus' belief in the divine nature of the Emperor, the primarchs and, by extension, themselves. Theirs is a holy duty and they go about their battles with a prayer on their lips and fire in their hearts.


There are rumours of instability in the Reformation's geneseed. Scattered reports of feral beasts at the head of charges, shrugging off gunfire and tearing foes limb from limb by razor sharp claws, Chaplains singing hymns of penitence and sacrifice as these beast kill and die in the name of the Reformation.

However, there are no recordings and the rumours are nothing more than hearsay.

Exemplary Battles

Battle One

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Story of Battle

Battle Two

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Story of Battle

Notable Members

Archimandrite Carolus
High Command
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