Legion V: Light Bearers

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[[Image:Light Bearer Colour Scheme.jpg|180px]]
Numeration V
Primogenitor Custodetutti
Cognomen The Illuminated
Observed Strategic Tendencies Rapid Assualt
Fluid overlaps
Noteworthy Domains Bellatappa
Allegiance Fedelitas Constantus
Colours Name of Colours
“Movement and combat are one be it an individual or an army"
-Attributed to Custodetutti
When taking command of the Light Bearers

The Light Bearers are a legion specialising in rapid assaults with infantry squads (called Tropes) acting in concert together in an intricate dance leaving the foe bewildered and easy to dispatch.


Before the dance

The Illuminated were originally one of the smaller legions as they only accepted those neophytes who made it through the trials to join the Astartes without any scarring through a legion structure which espouses that as well as being the best warriors in the Imperium they must also appear to be. They had large numbers of artists of various types with them throughout their crusades and each marine was always working towards mastery of a specific art form leading to great works including some which are in the Emperor’s personal collection.

They worked well in the compliance phase as they gained insight in to the different cultures they conquered through studying their artwork leading to worlds they were assigned to rapidly becoming loyal to the Imperium. They especially worked well with removing any religions through showing that art and therefore beauty was not divine but was the work of man. They pushed out from Terra collecting and creating art and bringing world after world to compliance and loyalty to the Imperium until they came upon the world of Bellatappa.

The Breaking

Bellatappa was located towards the outlying part of the systems habitable zone and was covered in exquisitely designed architecture with towering columns and coliseums forming the basis of the style. The Illuminated were overjoyed at discovering an outpost of humanity which had survived and prospered through the long night and initial communications started well with both The Illuminated and the leaders of Bellatappa known as the Alto Consiglio rejoicing at being reunited. However they refused to accept that they were part of the dominion of the Emperor and so, with regret, the fifth legion prepared for war.

The initial assaults started well for the Imperial forces as the newly discovered planet did not have a space fleet and as such they could bombard with impunity and after removing the air defences from the planet land troops on to strategic locations however the troops of Bellatappa were able to fade away and strike without warning to cause horrendous casualties to the assaulting forces. Stories started to filter back through the Imperial forces of an albino giant who appeared to lead the troops of the planet fighting with twin swords which he could swing with sufficient force to cleave through multiple Astartes in a single blow.

Faced with appalling casualties the survivors of the Illuminated pulled back to their ships and commenced a full scale bombardment of the planet.

For a full week the ships of the Imperial fleet fired on the planet destroying buildings and monuments which had stood for millennia, the night sky was as bright as the day due the continuous fire raining down. The Imperial forces offered another chance to those remaining on Bellatappa to join the Imperium and this time were answered by a single voice from the vox, a voice which managed to sound musical and commanding at the same time “If your Emperor wants us so badly, let him come and get us himself.” The remaining drop pods of the assault fleet launched ten minutes later.

After seeing the world in its full glory previously the Astartes now found themselves assaulting ruins none of which stood more than a storey high however they still could not bring the assault to a satisfactory close, it was then that the Emperor came to Bellatappa (See Custodetutti page for details).

Light Bearer Organisation

The Light Bearers are organised into several chapters with each chapter being named after one of the larger Auditoriums on Bellatappa the most famous of which are Verme, Scala and Fenice. A squad is refered to as a Trope and Trope leaders are referred to as Trope Capo

Angeli della Luce

The Angeli della Luce are a specialist fast assault unit. They are the most agile dancers out of the neophyte identified during the initial stages of training and given the most advanced bio modifications that Bellatappa has to offer as well as those to make them an Astartes. This leads to a marine who is faster and more agile than even his brothers without losing any of the strength or toughness despite fighting in a lighter suit of battle plate than standard. They take the lead on both the battlefield and the stage providing an example to the rest of the Light Bearers.

Light Bearer Combat Doctrine

The Light Bearers attack as a fluid force each Marine being perfectly in sequence with each member of his unit, each unit being in sequence with the rest of the company and up through to the overall force so that facing them means that the opponent never knows where the attack is coming from until it is too late.

The legion takes their movements from the intense dance training which all members of the legion maintain from before they are accepted as a neophyte through the legion officers up to Custodetutti himself. This training drives the assualt style as well making the Astartes of Vth legion fight in close quarters with grace similar to the Xenos Eldar rather than a human.


Main Article Bellatappa

The surface of this planet is covered by the works of man however only about half of them are habitable in any sort of comfort ruins and craters make up the remainder left untouched due to Custodetutti’s first pronouncement after delivering Bellatappa to compliance. The architecture is based around columns and large open spaces which serve as stages and auditoriums for the human population.

The population of Bellatappa are mainly albino with only those who have come from off world not being so. The world is very populous despite the ravages it faced in becoming compliant having held a high level of civilisation through the age of strife assisted by the natural wealth found under the planet’s surface.


Main Article: Custodetutti

Custodetutti is the Primarch of the fifth legion the Light Bearers and holds their complete loyalty. He proved himself through the dance contests on Bellatappa to be the most graceful and agile and was the first person to ever hold all four of the main annual trophies at the same time. He encourages competition between the chapters to better themselves but will also point out areas where they can collaborate instead if they can learn from each other. The Chapter Captains have picked up on this and strive to notice these links before Custodetutti does and when they do it fills him with great joy as they produce works of greater beauty be this the beauty of dance or that of war.

Culture and Beliefs

The Light Bearers maintain the culture from Bellatappa in that dance is the highest achievement of Human civilization. Everything they do from celebration through to mourning is expressed as a dance and the best dancers are held up as role models to be emulated. They have interest in other forms of art especially music but mainly as a way to help provide shape or otherwise to the dancers on stage or elsewhere. They are always curious of others interpretations of art and are willing to incorporate it into their own if it will improve an existing or create a new dance.

There is extensive bio modification on nearly every person on Bellatappa as due to their albinism there were high rates of cancer on the planet leading to many parts of the body being replaced to either directly remove the disease or were damaged beyond repair as part of the treatment thereof. To prevent rather than cure cancer most citizens have those parts of the skin which are exposed to the sun replaced with synthetic skin or receive Melanin injections to the skin. They also use these modifications to improve their dancing either discreetly through enlarged/additional adrenal glands and fibre layering the muscles all the way across to extended limbs so they can create more unique and artistic shapes with their bodies.


Custodetutti has a strong gene seed which is capable of being implanted successfully into a wide range of candidates. Part of what makes it resilient is that it imprints an additional part of itself on to the recipient attacking their ability to produce Melanin effectively giving them albinism. It is possible to provide constant injections of Melanin without any ill effect to the Astarte however none recently have done so in an attempt to emulate their Primarch.

Exemplary Battles

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Battle Two

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Notable Members

High Command
Vento Fantasma Fleet Admiral