Legion IX: White Tower

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White Tower Marine.jpg
Numeration IX
Primogenitor Thagrosh
Cognomen White Tower
Observed Strategic Tendencies Stuff your Legion Does
Noteworthy Domains Animus Perduta
Allegiance Fedelitas Constantus
Colours Red and Blue
“It's OK guys, I got this" - Marcus Albus

The White Towers are cast in their Primarch's image, larger than other Astartes and Unstoppable Berserkers on the battlefield. They are all survivors of the most brutal training regime in the galaxy, having to survive unsupported on a lethal death world’s surface for a full year before even being allowed to enter the training grounds. This produces Astartes with unparalleled survival skills, fearless in the face of the enemy and utterly without mercy.


The Beginning

Unusually amongst the Legions the 9th and 10th have operated almost entirely in concert. Originally recruiting from Across Europa both suffered from a catastrophic Ship collision at the Jantine Orbital Plate which was the staging ground for both Legions. In light of this Disaster there were calls to simply merge the two but the Emperor forbade it. Nonetheless Crusade command effectively put the two together as one fleet and since then they have enjoyed extremely close cooperation in all spheres.


Since the reunion of Primarch and Legion a period of renewal occurred. Thagrosh sent the next year with his legion all surviving on the surface of Animus Perduta, the legion hated the experience in the beginning, after all they had seen deathworlds before. Over the year they spent on the surface they all came to realise this was no simple Deathworld, it was pushing them beyond every limit they had. Making them all harder, stranger and more adaptable. The legion came to respect Thagrosh for this training.

Legion Organisation

Legion organisation did not change when Thagrosh took command. The legion uses probing attacks to identify their opponents strengths and weaknesses and Though there are two known standard deployments this legion uses.

Unique Formations


The most veterans of the legion may choose to go back to homeworld to train for a further 5 years on its surface. The chances of surviving this training was slim and very few ever survived. Those that do survive however do on to form the personal guard of the Primarch. The best of the best that inspire and train the rest of the legion when on development.


The Rapid Assault Transports, commonly known as RATs, are modified Rhino transports. The back half of the top and the entire rear section are open to the elements however the front is heavily armoured. They have highly tuned engines designed to race across the battlefield to deploy their assault troops in relative safety.


The diplomats of the legion, the only ones outsiders would ever talk too, are trained like the rest of the legion. Things are taken further as they are all Psykers so must endure the extra training to hone their powers.

Combat Doctrine


A direct pin point strike at the hart of the enemies command structure. Very rarely used but has a very high success rate when it is.


Once the enemies weaknesses have been identified the legion begins an all out brutal attack, using the knowledge they have of their enemies.

Legion Homeworld

Main Article Animus Perduta

Astartes Homeworld, Deathworld.


Main Article: Thagrosh

After a rocky start highly respected by the legion.

Culture and Beliefs

They are dedicated to training. When not actively deployed on combat operations they continue to hone their skills, drink and party.


Good solid Geneseed. Appears to take well in most implantations.

Exemplary Battles

Battle One

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Story of Battle

Battle Two

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Story of Battle

=Notable Members=
Primarch Thagrosh The Butcher
High Command
Lysander Chief Seer
Gaius Atilius Master of the Fleet