Legion IV: The Hellstorm

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Numeration IV
Primogenitor Ikanyamba
Cognomen The Hellstormers
Observed Strategic Tendencies Drop Assaults, Encirclement and Manoeuvre Warfare, Specialist Ork hunters
Noteworthy Domains Montar Prime
Allegiance Fedelitas Constantus
Colours Firey Orange and Mustard
“A True Warrior Fights not because he loves what is behind him but because he hates what is before him."
-Attributed to Ikanyamba

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Before the Storm

The IV were first unleashed upon Luna and fought almost exclusively amongst the Satellites of Sol at first, rarely setting foot upon a planet. They are experts in boarding assaults and Naval Actions. Their unofficial name comes from their Signature tactic of "The Hellstorm" a brutal all out assault using Drop pods amidst an ongoing precision bombardment. They tore through their initial crusade targets earning high praise from many amongst the Imperial Elite even including grudging respect from Bascna during the Impala compliance and Earning the unoffical nickname of "The Hellstormers".

When word came of the discovery of the Montar system and their Primarch by the XVII Legion they hurried there to meet their Gene-Sire, causing major issues to the compliance actions they had previously been engaged in and some bad blood amongst their Imperial Army support units, many of which were abandoned in deadly warzones. The First of many acts which showed their disdain for regular human forces. On Montar VII (Later Montar Prime ) they met with their father Ikanyamba and were reborn as the Hellstorm.

Part 2 Name

Second Part of History

Legion Organisation


Unique Formations

The Adze

An Adze Marine in Action, Note the Modified Helmet Design

Instead of the more Conventional Destroyer Cadres the Hellstorm instead Employs Adze teams. Eschewing the Destroyers Twinned pistols they instead bear a mix of Assault and Tactical Armaments dependant on the individual Astartes. They have full access to the Legions armoury and have been known to use the devastating yet widely forbidden Rad or Phosphex weapons carried as a matter of course by their Destroyer cousins, this is not their primary role however. Instead they act as forward observer teams for orbiting Adze ships, designated to carry larger scale versions of these missiles and fired without pinpoint precision thanks to the Adze ground teams. This allows for specific targets to be eradicated with extreme prejudice with minimal collateral damage or risk to any but the Adze teams themselves.

Named for a bizzare creature from Montar legend they also traditionally wear modified Mk 2 helms carrying an array of sensor gear and enhanced environmental seals. The Mechanicum has expressed great interest into implementing these features into the next issue of Legion Power Armour (Tentatively designated the Mk5).

Adze casualties are traditionally high but assignment to the teams is a sign of great honour and many brothers clamour for every position.

Combat Doctrine

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Legion Homeworld

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Culture and Beliefs

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IV Geneseed is remarkably pure, something which they hold in high regard as another sign of their superiority.

Exemplary Battles

Battle One

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Battle Two

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Story of Battle

Notable Members

Ikanyamba "The Storm" "The Emperors Spear" "Swimmer in the Deeps"