Legion III: The Crimson Wind

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Numeration III
Primogenitor The Aajej
Cognomen "The Butchers" / "Ghosts"
Observed Strategic Tendencies Ruthless Assassins, Desert Warriors
Noteworthy Domains Rakeem
Allegiance Fedelitas Constantus
Colours Sand and Stone
“I against my brother, my brothers and I against my father, then my father and I against the outsider"
-The Aajej

The Third Legion are named for the great storms which plague Rakeem, its power flays the flesh from your body leaving nothing but sand blasted bones in it's wake, soon covered leaving no hint of life. Just as is usually the case when the Legion is tasked. Their brutality whilst being a trademark of the Legion has been tempered with a deep understanding of the way ahead of them, they follow the path of The Aajej and they will not falter.

Legion symbol.png
Legion Symbol


Early History - The Butchers

As one of the "Trefoil Legions" the Butchers were not unleashed during the first waves of the Crusade, their first battles came during the Compliance of Cthonia a dystopian cavern hive filled with human resistance, The 3rd rolled through the caverns and slaughtered any they found, even after the Tribes began to surrender. Horrifying the XVIth Legion who were also assigned this compliance. The Emperor was called upon to censure the Legion but simply responded that they were necessary. Crusade command generally only employed the Butchers against purely Xenos targets where their wrath is a desired consequence.

Due to their restricted deployment and relative political favouritism the Legion was succumbing to restless endeavours, fleets bloating to accommodate inane whims of the Astartes. They lacked Direction until they encountered The Aajej.

The Survivors

Once the lost Primarch had been discovered and joined with the Third Legion many severe changes were quickly obvious. The once sprawling Legion was significantly reduced in numbers and resources. The trappings of the Legion became much more Spartan, yet also reflective of the culture and aesthetic of Rakeem, the Death World where The Aajej had been found.

Whilst the Legions reputation as Butchers was still prevalent they have became much more directed and focussed, wild butchery replaced with a efficient culling of the enemies of mankind. Some say this change was almost more unnerving than the behaviour of the Legion prior to the arrival of The Aajej.

The Legion acts with a seemingly erratic strategy, overriding certain crusade requests to "Follow the Crimson path". The Chagrin this has caused with other members of the Crusade is quickly quelled when the Third silently arrive at crucial stages of battles where hope was thought lost, turning the tide and then vanishing again leaving no trace but the bodies of their enemies as proof of their passing.

The Legion is oft sombre and self reflecting, it has also become highly suspicious of those from outside the Legion. Even fellow Astartes are treated warily, as if they have yet to prove themselves in the eyes of the Legion, no matter how glorious their victories.

Legion Organisation

The Organisational structure of the Third Legion is relatively Esoteric. Rather than companies of logical sizes and compositions the Legion is divided into a series of small clans. These are identified by unique names rather than designations and are of a variety of sizes and battlefield focus. The individual clans are very closely knit and every member will know a great deal about every other member. Clans are not fixed however and they have been known to merge or to split by the actions of forthright Astartes seeking to forge their own clan or being united by a dedicated leader. Leadership of the clans is only changed through death, be this in battle or by challenge.

The Aajej on his Captains
Good Leadership never depends upon doctrines, but upon the personal qualities of those who lead. The machinery of leadership is always subordinate to the will of those who administer that machinery. The most important element of rule, therefore, is the method of choosing leaders.

Unique Formations


After the coming of the Primarch the Legion was severly impacted from it's original character. A small percentage of the Astartes of the third Legion however had undergone some truly dramatic ordeal which had marked them from the rest of the Legion.

These few are known as the Fedayeen. The few that have seen outwards and inwards, truly understanding thir place within the Galaxy. They are the only few who understand the "Crimson Path" as seen by The Aajej. The act as the Legions most effective commandos and as the Primarchs personal guard.

The most obvious trait of the Fedayeen is they are all mute, not through any trauma or mishap. Why they have no longer chosen to speak is only known within the order. How they act so effectively on the battlefield without communication is bewildering, it is as if they have absolute understanding of the scenarios they are placed in and their own abilities and the abilities of their allies.

When communication is required they do so with very subtle hand gestures, enough to convey basic information to those trained in observing this language.

Last words of a Fedayeen
I have seen truth without falsehood, I have seen light without Darkness.

Jaws of Shaitan

The Gigantic creatures that roam the dunes of Rakeem are a horrifying testament to the brutality of that world. These beasts come in a variety of forms and shapes and have meant the death of many natives of Rakeem. Only though the tenacity of the Primarch have these beasts been relatively tamed. Several now form a grotesque cavalry, carrying dozens of Astartes in a slow implacable advance across the battlefield. Few enemies can stand against the shock value of these Colossi.

Wardens of the Dead

Whilst in other Legions Apothecaries are a noble calling for an Astartes, in the Third there is no greater honour. Known as the Wardens of the Dead only the most Brave and Determined Marines are trusted with the duty of recovering the Legions Geneseed. These are exceptional Marines who whilst have the skills and abilities of Captains have no nuance of command, instead putting their experience and grit towards reclaiming the Legions gene-seed wherever possible, in fact occasionally succeeding where it appears even impossible. Returning from overrun positions and scorched earth where no forces were thought to survive. These are the Wardens of the Dead.

Combat Doctrine

Battlefields of the Crimson Wind are arenas of contrasting spheres of warfare. Favouring an initially very subtle approach to any engagement the Legion will employ various guerilla and commando raids on the enemy in relatively low numbers. The key to these raids is the find the fulcrum on which to strike, once a suitably weak point has been identified the terrifying brutality of the Legion is brought to bear, like sand pouring through an hourglass, an unstoppable flow of force as the Legion moves with a single purpose, to breach and purge.

Depending on commanders the balance of this basic strategy can change, with the Fedayeen in an assault a more dedicated infiltration and assassination campaign is very likely. When a weak point cannot be identified the Jaws of Shaitan may be required to force a breach.

Legion Homeworld

Main Article Rakeem

Rakeem is a savage death world. Extremely low precipitation the surface is covered by massive deserts interspersed with jagged cliffs and deep chasms. Colonisation was only attempted due to attempts to reclaim a rare element which is used in an extremely strong yet flexible alloy. Often used in traditionally weaker joints and connectors.

Great endeavours were taken to make life survivable for inhabitants, but it wasn't long before the environment wore down equipment and shelters. The population had to take drastic courses for survival, retreating into the relative shelter provided by the rocky cliffs and chasms. The Topography of Rakeem gave the effect of creating enormously powerful winds and storms, picking up sand and sending it through the air at 200-300mph. If a human were to be caught in the open they would be quickly blasted to nothing.

Finding water and food is a constant struggle for survival, different groups became fiercely protective of supplies and any stranger treated as a dangerous threat to survival. But survive they did, they continued this brutal lifestyle for generations, collecting water from condensation on the cold rocks and eating whatever other kind of life could adapt in the wastes.

Survival also depended on avoiding Shaitan, the dragons of the Desert. These huge creatures stretched between 50-200 meters in length, they had a variety of limbs and heads and features as if they were all a single member of a variety of species. They feed by taking huge mouthfuls of sand and filtering out a type of plankton that infest the sands, similar to whales of the ocean. A highly acidic digestive system allowed them to eat in this manner, and gives them a fearsome weapon in acidic vomit. Fiercely territorial any creature it sees in it's domain will be swiftly devoured.

Shaitan of Rakeem


Main Article: The Aajej

The Aajej is a stern and granite faced figure, implacable and seemingly unapproachable. He is not admired within his Legion, a concept such as admiration has no place against the winds. What he does command is respect and Reverence, his Legion follows his orders implicitly and without question. He is their Leader and he knows the path. He is a solitary figure, usually sequestered but when among the Legion he is shadowed by several members of the Fedayeen. He is seen as the Captain of Captains, one who leads all clans. As with any other position of leadership in the Legion, he could be challenged for this position, none but the Emperor have yet dared.

Culture and Beliefs

The Third come from a very pragmatic society, born from some of the harshest environments in the galaxy. Living in these conditions has the Natives a very bleak view of the world. Death is seen so often that the process of recycling dead flesh and belongings is a key tool to surviving in Rakeem.

Once out in the immense emptiness of the desert you can feel the weight of the universe pinning you in place, your insignificance magnified by the lens of endless dunes. Too long there can quickly send you mad.

To contrast the outside clans try to establish closely knit and nuclear communities with in the caves and caverns, using what they can to insulate themselves from the horrors of the surface with creative endeavours and meditation.

Strong leadership is essential for survival, the head of a clan cannot be contrived against or questioned, any deviation from his directions can mean death for the whole clan. By even questioning the orders of the clan leader is to challenge them for their position. Thus the weak and indecisive do not last long on Rakeem.


The Geneseed of the Third is remarkably pure and maintains a wide gene-pool.

This is not through any specific qualities within the geneseed but rather down to the actions of the Legion itself. The Third Legion will go to immense lengths to recover the geneseed of fallen Astartes, with almost religious devotion to the task.

Some of the more brutal acts in their recent history have been a direct response to a threat to the geneseed.

Legion Attributes

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Exemplary Battles

Battle One

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Story of Battle

Battle Two

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Story of Battle

Notable Members

The Aajej Prophet of the Crimson Path
High Command
Timur The First Fedayeen
When timur had completed his ordeal he approached The Aajej, bowed slightly and said something unheard. He was recognised as one who truly understood by The Aajej and from then onward never spoke again.

Timur is the First of the Fedayeen, whilst this is more of an honorific title (Rank and command simply does not have place with the Fedayeen) it is Timur that is closest to the designs of his Primarch. Whilst not a commander his very presence on a battlefield gives those in the Legion a certainty in belief that they will accomplish what is required of them. The Fedayeen have never failed. In combat Timur wields a telescopic Power Glaive, a elegantly practical weapon which does not hinder the Commandos infiltrations and is quickly deployed to slay his enemies. Those who have seen this in action have labelled the blade "Fated Death".

Usman Reins of Shaitan
Usman was a native of Rakeem before being embraced by the Legion, he showed a great interest in the Shaitan and wished to replicate the Feat of the Aajej in taming one, something no-one thought possible bar the Primarch. But it was done, Usman now commands the Jaws of Shaitan, the fearsome Desert Dragon forces employed by the Legion.

Usman is a great innovator in both logistics and strategy, he manages a fearsome intellect coupled with resourcefulness and cunning. He often oversees Fleet Logistics and battle planning.