Legion II: The Nephilim

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Numeration II
Primogenitor Malthael
Cognomen Beta Legion
Observed Strategic Tendencies Codex
Noteworthy Domains Empyrean Legion Homeworld, Imperious Forge World
Allegiance Fedelitas Constantus
Colours Cream & Silver
“You have a lovely Homeworld Ambassador, shame if anything were to happen to it

The Astartes of The Nephilim despite their Angelic name are un-noteworthy as a legion. Reported to follow basic battle tactics on the worlds they conquer. Tho largely uncooperative and distant as a Legion in the past, with their Primarch discovered they have now embraced inter-legion cooperation & seem invigorated.


Legion Colours

Legion II Pre-Primarch

The Legion was only remarkable for being unremarkable. They have worked as hard as their Brother Legions, but they never seemed to have any great stories or tales to tell.

Legion II Post-Primarch

Known for their Diplomatic Attitude towards Worlds & willingness to work with their fellow Astartes, but still during Compliance they are reported to use Basic Astartes Formations & Tactics or to Mirror that of their Brother Astartes.

Legion Organisation

Nothing of Note

Combat Doctrine

Nothing of Note

Legion Homeworld

Main Article Empyrean

An advanced caste based world Empire, where citizens are given their chosen jobs at Birth, Genetics and psychometrics are used to help “control” & guide the population. Genetic manipulation, Advanced Technologies & Biology have been embraced by the population, anything that is useful is used or re-engineered, anything else is recycled. Although not cloned the population of Empyrean are guided since conception by genetic alteration, allowing each caste & parents to choose it's child's role in society & be genetically disposed to that end, this does have a side effect of everyone looking similar to outsiders, grey of skin and similar facial features.


Main Article: Malthael

Embraced as The Savior upon his Reunion with Legion II Not much is written about Malthael nor is much known it seems even within The Nephilim.

Culture and Beliefs

Dedicated to Bringing the Imperial Truth & Enlightening all of the Emperor's Vision. The Nephilim believe that all Humans, Mutants, Ab-Humans & Xenos alike should be given a chance to yield to the Dominion & Protection of Mankind. "Even the Smallest grain of sand, no matter how insignificant, still has value." - Primarch of Legion II Malthael


Above Average Quality Geneseed, this is only assumed due to the Legion rarely taking casualties & it's quick resupply of it's troops.

Exemplary Battles

None Recorded

Notable Members

Malthael Bringer of The Truth
High Command
Urzael The Harbinger
Chalad'ar The Herald