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Guan-Yu is the 11th of the Emperors sons, and Primarch of the Dragon Legion. First of the Emperors sons to be found by the Imperium, the calculating Primarch has a fractious relationship with his father. Commanding his legion with an iron grip, Guan-Yu has brought to compliance more worlds than any other Primarch, a record he is keen to hold on to.


Guan-Yu, also know by his Courtesy name of Yunchang, has assumed many titles during his time on Huaxia and in command of the XIth Legion. As part of his role as the prophesied savior of the The Dragon Cult he is known as "The Son of the Dragon", which is sometimes shortened to "The Dragon", a fact that has caused some theological confusion by equating the Primarch with the Supreme Deity of the cult, "The Dragon of the Four Seas". A part of his rule of Huaxia he was known as "The Dragon Emperor" a title he has abandoned with the coming of the Imperium, in favor of the of the more diplomatic "Lord of the Dragon Throne".


Guan-Yu, Lord of the Dragon Throne

Arrival on Huaxia

The Capsule containing the 11th of Emperors Sons crashed down on the Northern most continent of Huaxia. By accident or dark design it fell flaming into an ammunition factory on the outskirts of the regional capital. The inferno caused by his the landing, did not harm the young Primarch however, instead his body reacted to the damage by forming hard scales akin in appearance to a lizard's skin, though of far hardier composition, protecting him from any injury. As the small child like figure walked un-harmed from the blaze, the local people fell to the ground in wonder for in him the likeness of the Dragons of myth was clear. One man in particular saw the potential in the child, Mengde Cao, a young noble of a minor family, who was visiting the factory that day. He quickly seized control of the situation, for he could see an opportunity to both enhance his own standing and fulfill the ancient dream of a Huaxia united under one rule. He had the child transported to his estate and began raise the child to realize his dream.

Rise to Power

Mengde Cao named the child Guan-Yu after an ancient hero of Huaxian Myth and under the tutorage of the finest scholars that the noble could recruit, the boy quickly grew to his maturity, mastering all the arts of Warfare, Statesmanship and Culture in only a few short years. Huaxia during this period was a chaotic place with Warlords and petty emperors rising and falling and the noble houses constantly vying amongst themselves for power. It was during this period, seeing the suffering of the ordinary people as one faction or another march over their land that Guan-Yu began to believe that the only way to help the people was to unite them under one rule, and seeing the pettiness of the various claimants, that only he could provide that rule.

The Art of War
During his wars on Huaxia Guan Yu wrote his campaign notes that were later expanded in to his seminal tome “The Art of War”. Although Guan Yu has claimed that he was merely recompiling and expanding older tome lost to the ages of time, this tome has become standard reading for Imperial Army Commanders, issued out on bulk by the Imperial Officio Militaris.

Persuading Mengde Cao to support him, the young Primarch founded a new faction, which thanks to the legend of his fiery birth, quickly gathered support. The movement gained mass popularity when an influential priest of the ancient Dragon Cult Kong Qiu, declared his support and named Guan Yu as the prophesied “Son of the Dragon” who had come from the sky to save Huaxia. Though the Primarch and Mengde Cao were initially suspicious of the charismatic priest, Guan Yu came to appreciate the great control and loyalty that this position gave him amongst his followers. With the Dragon Priest as part of his inner circle, the movement went from strength to strength, and soon the “Dragon Legion” as they had become known were one of the most powerful factions on Huaxia.

The old Warlords, however would not step aside easily and soon Guan-Yu was forced to march to war to protect his new peace. In battle he proved himself a general of superlative skill, and in the years that followed he toppled one tyrant after another, often exploiting the factionalism of the petty empires to prevent them from allying against him. As he crushed each rival he would appoint a loyal warlord to rule the territory in his name, mirroring the traditional feudal structure that had existed before his coming, but reinforced by the powerful personality cult that had arisen around him, which prevented the factionalism of the past. Bolstered by fresh recruits from these territories, his campaigns expanded and within five years, Guan Yu was the undisputed master of Huaxia.

His enemies destroyed, Guan Yu moved quickly to secure his rule. Declaring himself to be the "Dragon Emperor", an ancient title attributed to the semi-mythical lords who had first ruled over Huaxia, he named Mengde Cao his chancellor, much it is rumored to the chagrin of his new high priest Kong Qiu. Under his rule the planet prospered like never before, trade, exploration and technology flourished, and in the depths of the ancient cavern systems explorers began to find relics of mystery power, clues that pointed humanity's ancient origin amongst the stars.


The new lord of the Dragon throne quickly grasp the significance of this ancient technology, with it he could expand his new order, spread across the stars and prevent mankind from falling so low again. He began to gather and research the all fragments of technology and ancient documents that could be found, but in the end it was unnecessary for there was another who shared his dream. Almost 3 years after Guan-Yu's unification of Huaxia,The Emperor descended upon the Dragon Lords capital in a great golden ship. The people starred up in wonder, for they saw the fabled dragons of old, and when the Lord of Mankind disembarked and greeted Guan-Yu as his son, many wept, for the ancient prophecies had been fulfilled, the Dragon of the Four Seas had come and found his child.

Though both the Imperium and Huaxia celebrated the rediscovery of one of the Emperors lost sons, in truth it was a difficult reunion. The careful calculating Primarch shared Emperor's vision of united humanity, but had been raised to rule and would not lightly subject himself to the will of another. The revelation that he had brothers, equals, waiting to be found out in the galaxy did not improve Dragon Lords disposition. Only after a long private talks with his father did he agree to join the great crusade and take command of the XIth Legion that was now revealed to have been created in his image. Indeed it is rumored that the Lord of the Dragon Throne was never truly convinced of the merits of his father's secular Imperium and that he merely weighed the benefits that Imperial Technology and found in favor, for now.

The Dragon's Crusade

Joining the great Crusade, the Primarch fought at his fathers side for less than a year before the Primarch was granted command of a significant proportion of the Great Crusade strength and tasked with the pacification of systems in the galactic east of Segmentum Solar. The reason for this split were variously rumored to be as result of the fractious relationship between the Emperor and his first found son, political pressure as a result of the revelation of the Saurian Helix, and a myriad of more outlandish theories. In reality it was merely a symptom of the difficulties in controlling the expanding crusade, and the model of delegated command was generally followed with the discovery of Guan-Yu's brothers.

In command of his crusade forces The Dragon quickly adapted to modern Imperial warfare, proving himself time and time again with impressive string of victories. A ruthless commander he will suffer no dissent, and is notably brutal with his suppression of human worlds that refused to come to compliance, as if punishing them for failing to see the wisdom of Imperial order. In the early years of his crusade the Primarch pushed his forces hard as if eager to prove his worth before discovery of his brothers. This has paid off well, thanks to this head start he has currently brought the more worlds into compliance than any other Primarch, though many are keen to claim this title.


A calculating ruthless figure, Guan-Yu will stop at nothing to fulfill his dream of a humanity united in peace. This philosophy has guided his approach to matters of controversial Imperial policy such as the Librarian Program, and the controversy surrounding the Saurian Helix, to his mind so long as these thing gain an advantage to the Imperium (and his forces), they should be used without restraint. He does not fully accept the emperors rejection of religion, seeing it as a potentially useful tool to unite mankind, though he has agreed to follow the Emperors edicts for now.


The mantle of a ruler sits easily upon Guan-Yu's shoulders, sporting the long hair and beard that is traditional for rulers on Huaxia, he casts a regal figure in the graceful traditional Hanfu robes common to his home-world. In battle the Dragon wears an ornate set of armour, augmented by a simple green robe, though it's primary purpose not protection for thanks to the gift of the Saurian Helix, the Primarch needs none. Rather it is primarily a communication and coordination tool, allowing the Primarch to review information, issue orders and coordinate the battle. As for the visual appearance of this "gift", which his detractors found so abhorrent, some believe that Guan-Yu actively embraces it, the normally calculating Primarch charging heedless into the worst maelstrom's of battle, seeking injury perhaps, so the draconic nature of the changes could better inspire his followers and invoke terror in his foes.



In battle the Dragon wears an ornate set of armour, augmented by a simple green robe, though it's primary purpose not protection for thanks to the gift of the Saurian Helix, the Primarch needs none. Rather it is primarily a communication and coordination tool, allowing the Primarch to review information, issue orders and coordinate the battle.

Green Dragon Crescent Blade

This ancient blade was discovered in one of the deep caverns of Huaxia, assumed to be a relic of Dark Age, it takes the form of a mighty guandao, a type of traditional Huaxian weapon. It's blade shines dully with a glow and it has has never been known to have been blunted or damaged in any way. Exceeding the cutting power of even artificer forged Imperial power weapons, but with no evident power supply, it has been demonstrated to be sharp enough to cut though a star-ships bulk head.


The most dread of weapons wielded by Guan-Yu is the pistol known as Avīci, after the traditional Huaxian hell where irredeemable souls are sent. A piece of ancient Archeotech, it takes the form of a large complex pistol with a dish like projector in place of a barrel, and was found by the Dragon on the ruin-world of Diyu. The weapon appears to operate on a similar principle to the Irradiation Projectors of the Mechanicum, though much more compact and order of magnitude more effective. Capable of taking out dozens of infantry in one wide burst, or on concentrated to literally melt more heavily armored targets, it is a truly horrific weapon. Disturbingly though, it's dread reputation comes only partly from its effects on it's targets, for the shielding on the device is barley adequate to contain it's lethal effects, only Guan-Yu could wield such a weapon without dooming himself to an agonizing death and even Astartes of his own chapter endure great discomfort when in the presence of the weapon. Kept in a heavily shielded status chamber when not in use, it's deployment on a planet is a sign that the Primarch considers the world to be beyond saving, for the death this weapon unleashes will curse any place for millennia to come.