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Dis wielding the Hand of Telsa
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Dis is the 18th of the Emperors children, and Primarch of the Legion XVIII: The Legion of the Broken Sky


Thunder Child, Tamer of the Sky Fire, Uplifter of the Storm World, The Great Philanthropist, The Daughter of the Emperor


The Thunder Child

When Dis' gestation capsule was thrown from the Warp it crashed through the electromagnetic storm that surrounded the world of Burya and landed heavily on the northern landmass. It carved a crater out of a mountain side when it landed, and shook the nearby mining and farming town of Zelf. The town rushed to see what new horror had come from the sky, as if the lightning and the storm wasn't enough, they found the wreckage of the capsule and a baby inside of it. Knowing this had been the only thing to come from the sky that wasn't storms or death, they were hesitant at first but as the child stirred they took pity and named the child "Dis the Thunder Child".

As the child grew in to a little girl, she became insatiable for knowledge and would seek out the town elders for stories about the "Age before the Storm", about the world and wisdom. Her strength and stamina grew exponentially and, while too big for the mine at the age of 10 due to being 6ft in height, She continued to work hard and learned many crafts and skills including blacksmithing, agriculture and mine-building.

Tamer of the Sky Fire

At the age of 16, having grown up on a world of hardy people with a strong work ethic, Dis felt she had come as far as she could go; she felt herself straining against the limitations of the technology of the agricultural age where the highest science was a candle that didn't blow out in the wind, basic metal tools and carved stone structures.

Dis was too big for the mines, and given that in her teen years she stood head and shoulders above every other inhabitant of the world, the former Thunder Child intimidated many that might have otherwise sort her hand in marriage. She was often left to her own devices and her own time rather than troubled as more and more her great strength, stamina and intellect started to make the others afraid of this child from the sky.

The lightning storms of her sixteenth year were particularly abusive to the agricultural community, often starting fires even in the most devastating of rain storms and any that used metallic farming tools to try and bring in food was struck dead but arcs of sky fire. That's when, in her solitude as she observed the world, Dis rediscovered several principals around electricity and went to work. Using wax cloth to cover it until ready, metal from the mines and some small remnants of her capsule, she created a lightning rod that took the electricity and ran it, harmlessly, to ground rather than via a farmer's scythe or an animal handler's whip. As a demonstration she continued to farm under the rod in a storm. The lightning came, struck the rod and was diverted away and she managed to get a full harvest unmolested by the lightning strike.

They gave her the title of Tamer of the Sky Fire and helped to set up more of these lightning rods, but this was just the start. In digging for materials that could be used to create more Lightning rods, they uncovered a cache of Archeotech from "Before the storm". While most of the locals couldn't understand it, Dis was able to decipher their meanings and with it start to construct new devices.

With this ancient technology in hand, there was no limitation to what she could achieve.

Uplifter of the Storm World

As an adult Dis, now standing at her full height of nearly ten feet, had started to drag Burya in to the new age of industry. With access to the technology of the Golden Age she was able to create rudimentary generators that were powered by the lightning rods, and with that she was able to extrapolate many other early technologies. Manufacturing plants, machines and new weapons all came from this new age and the world grew strong and proud. The hardy folk of the Storm world became stronger because food and medicine had started to become plentiful, heat and light now shone in this world of prior darkness and Dis had become heralded as the inventor of the age.

No one knows how long Dis remained on Burya; upon reaching maturation she seemed to stop ageing and lived far beyond the life-span of the others of the Storm World. Though saddened, she became emboldened to continue to work for Burya's benifit. Granted an estate of exceptional size for her efforts, she continued to martial her mental prowess to improve life for those of the planet, entire.

Daughter of the Emperor

As with before, the people of Burya knew the world they had come to know would change as fire rained from the sky. Not in ones or twos, but dozens of fireballs stormed to the earth below. Dis was called for and all sought shelter from this new and deadly sky-fire. Upon inspecting the craters, they found men wearing strange garb who had died in the crashes.

Something changed in Dis' mind, as if she knew that this would be coming. She had a sense of unease fill her for weeks, and now it had come to pass; someone was above the sky and they wanted to get to the ground where it was safe. With only a moment's hesitation, to think of a plan, Dis deactivated several of the generators that she created to moderate and perpetuate a storm that was being constantly sapped of energy due to the industrial age, then ramped up the power draw upon the storm in a particular quadrant of the sky.

For the first time, ever, the people of Burya saw the stars.

The view was quickly over-taken by a giant ship that descended with little more than a few scorch marks through the hole and on to the surface where, in the wind and the rain, a glorious man of light and stature, clad in golden armour, stepped forth from the ship to claim the Thunder Child as his own.

Murmuring and confusion rose throughout the ranks behind the Emperor as Dis stepped forward and knew, at that moment, she was in the presence of her father. Rumour was that all the children of the Emperor were men and to find one to the contrary was unheard of. Shouts of decent and outrage was heralded behind them, but one simple glance from the Emperor silenced it all as he stepped forward and took the hand of Dis.

Dis was accepted as the Primarch of the eighteenth legion, and the eleventh found and she, regardless of gender, would aid the Emperor in his great crusade as his only daughter.

The Great Philanthropist

After Dis was taken from Burya for the first time, she was taken aboard the Emperor's ship and evaluated. Rumour has it that this required the physical strength of quite a number of Astartes and the words of the Emperor himself to actually get her on to any sky craft, for the sky had been nothing but death for Dis for her entire life thus far. Her skill with technology was near paramount and it was only her planet's lack of understanding that kept her back. As such she was sent to Mars to train with the Adeptus Mechanicum.

With her training finished, she opted to have a set of Mechadendrite limbs installed so that she could build and create more easily. Her armour, which had been crafted for her as all the armours had been crafted for her brothers, had come to accommodate "The Arms of Dis" as they had been referred. When placed upon assignment to fight in the Emperor's name, she had worked with her newly minted legion to settle the planet quickly and with great creativity, however as most other legions left she had stayed behind.

When questioned, Dis had simply replied that there was much left to do to secure the world under the banner of the Imperium. There needed to be water, and power, and a way of life. The Emperor is said to have questioned why she would waste military resources on such a task and her response was simple; "If we are to be the leaders of these people, then we need to lead them and not just own them. A garrison shall secure the world, and the engineers will build it so they can work AND live for, under and with the Imperium; gladly."

With repeated acts of this, what had come to be known as "Domestic Garrisoning", she earned the title from the normal humans who saw her striding across the land as an industrial god as "The Great Philanthropist".


Somewhat of an oddity amongst the children of the Emperor, Dis is kind, courteous, patient and clever. Slow to anger and quick to repair, she is more interested in building rather than destroying; Figuring how to solve a siege being the exception to the rule. Her first thoughts are not to conquest but to improving the Empire so that it can become greater. She finds that she sometimes worries about the fact she is the only daughter of the emperor and is surrounded by sons, then again she is more than happy to use the Arms of Dis to weld one of her brothers to the wall if they think her as weak or useless. She is perfectly willing to fight in the Emperor's wars, but someone has to think about rebuilding the ravaged world afterwards.


Dis is a woman that would be best described as handsome rather than beautiful. She stands taller than many of her brothers, with broad and powerful shoulders and strong muscles from her years of working in the empowering environment of the Storm World. What little softness she has does little to hide the natural strength and stamina of the Primarch. Her hair on Burya was long and dark, but to accommodate the armour and her new "limbs" it has been cropped short, it's still very dark however. She moved with a sturdy tread and has the poise of a queen, though the hands of a black-smith.


Dis' Wargear can be split in to three notable pieces.

The Arms of Dis are Dis' specialised mechadendrites that are attached to her back. Each single arm, on their own, would be enough for any techmarine but she is equipped with six powerful arms. This allows her to construct anything and everything from tanks, to scrap plants, generators to guns.

The Hand of Tesla is a signature weapon that was crafted by her own hand, using technology she developed and mastered while on Burya. It uses the strength and power of lightning to bi-pass the protection of another's armour to seek the soft and lightning-vunerable target underneath. It has three modes; a long distance bolt of lightning carried great power behind it but can miss a target if they side step the arch, a spread of lightning bolts that spray-fires and hits anything in her forward arc for only a small amount of damage, and in melee where she electrifies the hand and it only needs to touch an opponent to remind them why they were mistaken to think she is a push over. It is primitive technology, but effective.

The Armour that Dis wears in to battle is also of high grade, built for her by the same artificers that built the other armour of her brothers in arms.