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Custodetutti is the 5th of the Emperors sons, and primarch of the Legion V: Light Bearers


Primarch of the Fifth.
Primo campione dei quattro.


Custodetutti was discovered shortly after landing and his natural grace was noticed quickly so he was placed into the specialist academy the Corridoio di ballo for advanced dance instruction. He soon overtook the rest of the students and then the masters at the academy his graduating piece was such a graceful display of beauty that there was not a dry eye in the Verme auditorium where it took place. The next year he went on to win all four of the major competitions the only time this has ever happened due to the varied technical points each competition required.


The Story of your Primarchs Rediscovery by the Imperium and integration with his Legion


His main driving force is the creation and protection of beauty. However he is also prone to anger which can lead him to destroy beautiful objects rather than have them remain in the hands of those who would not appreciate them fully. If he does destroy beauty he tries to make amends with whoever he thinks feels it’s lose the greatest which is not always the previous owners. He is extremely proud in his own, his legions and the Imperium accomplishments which can be overbearing at times but has been focused in recent times in the development of the rememberancers project.


Custodetutti is tall and lithe rather than being powerfully built like some of his brother Primarchs and moves with a grace which belies the strength which he carries. He is an albino with white hair and his iris is almost complete lacking in pigmentation leaving his eyes a very pale blue and very pale skin. When out of his war gear (which is as often as he can make it) he dresses in loose, plain robes which allow free movement of the limbs suitable for dance or combat training. Unlike most people on Bellatappa he has no obvious bio modifications.


When arrayed for war Custodetutti wears a modified set of Angeli della Luce style power armour enabling him to take full advantage of his speed and agility on the battlefield. He is armed with a twinned pair of power swords called Spade di Luce with a standard bolter as backup if the enemy stays at distance.