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The Emperor's Reformation
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Carolus is the VIth of the Emperors sons, and primarch of the The Emperor's Reformation





The superstitious people of Trullo saw the exarch's arrival as a sign of the end times and the numerous cults and sects within their feudal society gained followers at an alarming rate as people flocked to them for answers. The most powerful of these cults was "The Fortunate" who believed that, with enough followers, they may gain enough knowledge to abate the end times and save their world.

Carolus was found a child by a sect of monks who had secluded themselves from the rest of the short sighted and depraved society that was present on the largest continent of Trullo. He was seen as a blessing in such hours of darkness and was raised as one of their own. His days were spent tending the gardens, fields and livestock that kept the monastary fed. His nights were spent in pious contemplation on the nature of the divine and the folly of man. Carolus' fast growth and insatiable learning solidified in the minds the monk's view of him as a gift from the heavens. His philosophical discourses with the Abbot were attended by all who could be spared and the debate was won by Carolus more often than not.

This idyllic existence lasted for many years, but could not last forever. On a summer night after one of the longest dry spells in living memory Carolus was roused from his contemplation by the smell of burning. He rushed to the window of his room and looked out upon a scene from hell. The fields and buildings of his home were ablaze and the fire was spreading. In the courtyard below he the purple robed followers of The Fortunate locked in mortal combat with his brother monks. He turned from the scene to rush down and help when the abbot appeared at the doorway. "Your brothers fight for you. Come with me, and let their sacrifice not be in vain."

Rise to Power

Carolus was lead down into the catacombs of the abbey and into the very bedrock of the outcropping on which it was built. They traveled through corridors of rough hewed stone and through natural fissures until they cane to an iron bound oak door. The Abbot drew a key, hung from a chord around his neck, from his robes and opened the door to reveal a glittering cavern. In the center of this, beneath a sealed hole in the ceiling, was a technological device of startling complexity and unknown construction. Within it's faces were all metallic bar from one which held a glowing screen with an outline of a hand. "The heavens sent this before the monastery was here, and it sent you at our time of greatest peril. I do not think this a coincidence." said the abbot as he gestured for Carolus to move towards the device.

At his touch the device opened a panel and extended a tray with a small glowing device upon it. The screen flickered through schematics and instructions and Carolus immediately understood it's purpose and workings. At that moment a contingent of purple robed figures burst into the door and gave a cry of triumph. The ancient abbot was struck down by their blades before Carolus could move and the man began to encircle him with their longswords at the ready. Carolus tightened his grip around the glowing stone and flung himself into battle with a cry of rage. His powerful blows shattered bones and sent men flying across the room. He fought without regard for his own safety, for all blows that were aimed towards him were deflected with a flash of brilliant light. Within moments the room was a mess of broken bodies.

He reverently closed the eyes of the Abbot and took the key from his closed hand. He attached the glowing device to the cord and placed it around his neck. With a reclaimed longsword in one hand and a flaming brand in the other he locked the door and strode forth from the abbey and into a battlefield. His justice was swift and without mercy. He emerged from the fires that surrounded the Abbey and rallie the monks to his side, leading a wedge into the opposing lines he slayed invaders to a man, showing no mercy and beheading those cultists he found wounded. The dark rituals and sorceries were consumed by his light as he murdered and maimed any who either stood before or fled from him.

In the smoldering remains of the Abbey's farmland and stores he gathered his 9 remaining brothers and laid out his plans. They had hidden from the evils of the outside world too long and their dead brothers had paid the price. No longer would they sit in contemplation of the evils of the world, instead they would purge them from it. With the use of the STC device under the Abbey he fashioned holy shields for these brothers and they set forth into the world.

The Brotherhood set forth into the world with fire in their hands and in their hearts. They moved among the people turning men to their cause with miraculous feats that always ended with a brilliant flash of holy light. Any who opposed them were slain and their bodies hung in public as an example to all who would stray from the righteous path.

However, tactics for subduing towns would not work in the corrupt and decadent cities of the world, for such bastions a subtler knife was needed. The brothers trained in stealth and subterfuge, spreading rumors around the populace and removing from play anyone in a position of power who opposed them. City after city fell to their rule in the years that followed until, finally, Carolus took up the mantle Archimandrite, head of the church and the state.

His rule was harsh but fair. Those who were pious were treated well and allowed to go about their business unmolested. But the Archimandrite's agents were always watching for those who would lead the flock astray, and they dealt with such matters swiftly and permenantly.


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Carolus' armour is ornate, covered with purity seals and litanies of faith. It fits around and over his longcoat and is lighter than full power armour suits allowing for greater mobility in battle. In his right hand he wields an ornate basket hilted rapier. It has a power field generator in the hilt adding to the armour penetrating power of it's monomolecular edged blade. In his left hand he wields one of the few Inferno Pistols in existence. Powerful enough to melt the armour off a battle tank at close range. Around his neck he has a pendant with a key and a glowing device. This generates a both a conversion field that helps protect him against both physical danger and some unknown field that resists psychic attack.