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Legion X: Leere Jäger
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Arminius’s gestation chamber made land fall on a desolate barren rock of a planet, the remnants of the human population clinging to the last vestiges of habitable land left. Land maintained by failing machines left from the dark ages. By age six he was almost as tall as a normal man with a mind to match. A sponge for all the knowledge they had to share. Mostly they only had stories, the one told most often was of a reaping. The sky would darken, it would rain metal and the bad people would go missing. It was a story told to keep children from being naughty.

It was a story until the sky darkened, it was like a wave covering the sun. Then metal fell from the sky, large houses that spewed forth men. These men took whoever they could get their hands on. Arminius fought back, even knowing little of combat he still fought well. It took many to subdue him.

He was taken aboard the Messorem, a giant ship from the dark age of technology. So big could it could barely even be called a ship! They forced him to train, gruelling acts of physical exercise, pushing him to his limits. During the day they tested his body and at night he roamed the slave pens, learning of the people. Whole civilisations were contained in the bowels of this ship. Millions of people living their whole lives here. It is from these people learning all their stories he was able to feed his mind.

Once the masters deemed his training sufficient they started him fighting in the pits, inviting any and all who would come and pay to see him fight. It was during these fights that Arminius first discovered he mental powers, he was able to see into the thoughts of his opponents, knew what they were about to do. It didn't take the masters long to discover this, they then put him with the rest of the Psykers, locked away from the rest in a null cage designed to block all of their powers.

From these people he learned to focus his mind, to use it to his best advantage. To survive both mentally and physically. He now fought only Psykers in the pits, the only ones able to test him mentally and physically, but he still rose to the top. None were able to stand against him.

The great ship Messorem, the Reaper, swung through the Animus Perduta system to collect its bounty of gladiators and found it held a champion of their own. One so powerful they had to lock him in a seperate facility. One who’s victories rivalled even them mighty Arminius! The crowd demanded satisfaction. A month long celebration commemorating the reunion of planet and ship was had. The best fighters from both sides fought and died for the pleasure of others. All leading up to the final battle, the battle of champions, one of the unkillable would surely die.

Both were dropped naked upon the planet and tracked by sophisticated drones. This fight would become a legend, two literal titans meeting in mortal combat a whole deathworld their arena. With each blow struck the very ground quaked in terror, the skies split and cried out. Lightning and fire poured forth from the heavens. Neither warrior giving ground to the other, for hours they fought as the crowd roared. Until both warriors dropped their guard, paused and grasped each others hand with a shout that caused the ground to rumble and the on lookers to scream, two brothers recognised their kin. Arminius and his brother Thagrosh spoke mind to mind, helping heal each other’s wounds and realising how much they truly shared.

After this encounter they were longer pitted against each other, instead, increasing numbers, nay, armies or gladiators, beasts and machines to see what it would take to kill them. The jungles turned red with the blood of their enemies but still they refused to fall. As days dragged into months Arminius realised they had to take the battle beyond the surface to the ship above. The brothers began conspiring with each other, they wanted freedom and they wanted revenge. They increasingly took gladiators alive and machinery intact, turning from a spectacle to a full rebellion against their once masters. While his brother lead the liberation of the planet, Arminius used his gifts to board and capture the Messorem. Breaking open the Null cages and leading his Psychic brothers to victory.

On the day of final victory, the day the last of the masters was cast down, a giant fleet erupted into orbit, both brothers looking out felt strangely at ease. As though this was part of their destiny. A brilliant white shining light descended from the heavens, a light that filled all the onlookers with love and awe. As the light touched the ground there was a man of impossible beauty, a man they instantly recognised as their father.

Arminius Primarch of the Legion X: Leere Jäger