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DEATHWORLD 2 desert, storms, mutants 2

The world itself was formerly nameless, a sandy hellhole filled with sudden and lethal static lightning storms and an array of lethal (Yet delicious) giant insect wildlife. Nomadic mutant tribes move from oasis to oasis and burrow in the sand for protection. The population was entirely mutant, abhuman, apparently evolved to survive their home better with thick dark skin, tiny eyes and webbed fingers observed. They travelled nomadically across the sands and dig under the sands to avoid the frequent catastropic lightning storms and deadly giant insects.

Dragon Legion initial peaceful approaches face mixed results, many tribes kill and eat the ambassadors, not recognising them as "human". A minority are more receptive but with no communication between tribes this pattern repeats across the planet. Post action reports will indicate fewer and fewer tribes joining peacefully as time goes one, reports are filed implying XIth Legion troops open fire at the least resistance but no rebuke is forthcoming.

All in all considerable numbers of settlers were needed and proper settlement of the planet was yielded several productive cities farming the indigenous Insect life, compliant tribes reluctantly abandoning their nomadic ways and joining the settlers in the cities. In time they will provide expert desert troops to the Imperial Army and the Exertus Imperialis has already established several camps for training in desert warfare, though with the reduction in numbers from Compliance, complete abhuman regiments are some generations away.

The Huaxian Dragon cult has taken root on the planet, mostly amongst the new settlers while the Locals still view the Dragon Legion with a wary eye.

501/1 is fully compliant, with no resistance forces known.