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Industrial World ice ind 3

Facekrumpa is a Legendary Engineer amongst Ork kind and his world houses an incredibly productive war machine, unheard of amongst the usually chaotic Ork kind. Its not certain if this is a Waaagh ready to depart or the usual state of affairs. Either way its destruction is a high priority for the War council should they be made aware of it. A Very high Proportion of Gargants almost demands Titan support.

Legion II: The Nephilim forces engage in sabotage and raiding against the Orks across the sector, endearing infighting proves beyond your limited forces but production in the sector is certainly reduced by your actions.

Legion IX: White Tower scouts are able to bring in a lot of information on the Ork Junkworld though, it has increased its strength to 280% and is likely to vomit forth an Ork fleet next turn if not culled, The orks are extremely agitated thanks to an unknown force conducting raids and assassinations on the planet which has curbed their production but meant the Big Mek is extremely well hidden in the Gargant works.

You do identify some ideal invasion sites for your Legion however.

Legion XVI: The Falling Stars Lead the way in the Invasion of this Junk World, keen to impress their new Primarch they smash headlong into the Ork fleet preparing to depart. The orks are expecting trouble after the numerous human raids on the system and are eager for a straight up fight.

They arent ready for the Falling Stars however... Masters of Fleet Warfare they tear into the Orks like a chainblade through vines, the orks, previously so keen to engage attempt to scatter, only to fall into masterfully executed traps as each safe route to the jump point in turn becomes a death trap. The White Tower Astartes look on in awe at their cousins skill and resolve themselves to fight all the harder face to face,

And there are still plenty of Orks to go around, even raining firey wrecks and borbadments below the Orks are keen to fight, and as always with their kind a miraculous number climb out of the crashed ships ready to keep going.

Ignatius Caelius deploys his men to draw out the Orks and he isnt disappointed, the Greenskins swarm to engage the Humans face to face, their clanking Gargants trailing in their wake, pinpoint lance strikes blast the Gargants open as other ships open up on the hordes themselves. Following in the wake of this shock assault are the White Tower, dropping Berseker style directly onto the wounded Garagants they prove in a series of suicidal assaults how war gods can die.

By dusk on the second day the main Ork forces are destroyed, Facekrumpa is pulled out of hiding and executed by unknown assailants and the Orks are hiding on every front. This goes from a compliance to a mopping up exercise in record time. 26/1 is technically compliant, Mechanicus Salvage teams and new settlers are already beginning to arrive to finalise this and make it a productive world of the Imperium.